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Lafayette Louisiana ACTORS and Social Media “professionals” Playing FAKE “concerned citizens”

Donal O’meadhra is an actor who works for Lucasfilm, worked on X-files!! Here he is with Dr. Who from the BBC!


SMOKING GUN! The girl talking wild and crazy…They misspelled her name.. Lauren Auverset .. she is lead

INSTRUCTOR of communications at Alabama state! Lauren Anderson Auverset Instructor of Communication &

Doctoral Student at The University of Alabama Lafayette, LouisianaPublic Relations and Communications

Current The University of Alabama Previous University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Bailey’s Support Services,

FiberCorps Education University of Alabama Specialties:Social media tools and techniques, marketing

(traditional, new media, guerilla and ‘word of mouth’), press and analyst relations, financial and quantitative

analysis, project management, creativity, ability to deal with uncertainty, ability to contribute individually, and

lead, manage or participate in cross-functional teams, doggedness and determination, excellent writing and

verbal communication skills, persuasiveness, great sense of humor.




Here is Lauren Auverset .. social media expert and TEACHER of communications at University of Alabama
currently.. she dyed her hair and put on an act for the camera! They deliberately misspelled her name !
https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauverset So.. we have THREE social media workers, Nathan Justice, Erin Boyd,
Lauren Auverset, and one full blown actor.. Donal O’meadhra BUSTED WIDE OPEN!
Nathan Justice – Social Entrepreneur – MBA Lafayette, LouisianaHealth, Wellness and Fitness Current :
Vida Previous : Al Ahli Holding Group, Hult International Business School, TotaLand Technologies Education
Hult International Business School Nathan Justice: A MBA graduate and social entrepreneur with 7 years of
professional experience as a public relations professional in the oil and gas industry. Dubai Saudi Arabia.
Previous time in the United States Marine Corps has instilled a high level of professionalism and leadership
experience that has transferred well to the private sector, particularly small-team dynamics and team building.
Relevant Knowledge, Skills, and Training Social Enterprise • Entrepreneurship • Developing Markets •
Management • Market Research • Corporate Communications • Adobe Creative Suite • Advertising
The final person who spoke in the video.. Erin Boyd from Layfayette Lousiana.. IS ALSO a social media
marketer!!! Just like Nathan Justice! She does social media marketing for the National Diversity Council !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Erin Boyd Public Relations l Communications l Social Media Lafayette, Louisiana AreaPublic Relations and
Communications Previous National Diversity Council, CC’s Community Coffee, Louisiana State University
Education Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College