Internet Weather Research And Reporting Censorship: Real Or Imagined? BY DAVID ICKE

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‘Readers of the alt press probably realize that censorship goes on either blatantly or surreptitiously, especially when it comes to specific topics like vaccines, politics, and weather geoengineering—aka “chemtrails.”

One of the most sophisticated independent science researchers in the field of geophysics is known as “Dutchsinse [1],” who accurately predicts earthquakes in regions of the globe, along with uncanny accuracy intensity, one to two days in advance of their occurrence. He’s been doing that and broadcasting the information over his YouTube channel for several years now, much to the dismay of the powers that be who run YouTube and possibly federal government agencies involved in weather management. He explains his experiences in being contacted with them in the video below.’

BY Dutchsinse

I’ve never met or talked to him before.. however.. David Icke has taken notice of my censorship online, and written a small article about it.

I know about some of his research and work online… some of it a bit controversial of course -_- No worries.

Glad some people in the alternative media are noticing what’s happening to me.