Oregon Paid Pets go on the attack

Oregon Paid Pets go on the attack

As a person (as a part of ‘we the people’) of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Inc. I hereby declare a new constitutional amendment be created which outlaws government from forming into a corporation.


All ‘incorporated’ cities, towns, states, and national governments shall be forced to operate as non-profits instead of corporations designed to make a profit off us citizens…. fundraising would be forced to be public, raised ahead of time (not after) for their operations via DONATIONS every year.

If they want to get paid each year, they have to ASK for our donations! If they want an aircraft carrier, they have to beg for money from us.


Please get this over to the governor of Texas, the man who is pushing for new amendments to curb our out of control “government”.

A new amendment must be made immediately, and voted on in 3/4 of the states across the country.

This amendment to the Constitution must ABOLISH government forming into corporations.

Quite literally, we need to make a law that says it is ILLEGAL for governments to form into companies / corporations.

All governments in the USA have formed into actual “businesses” designed to make money off of YOU the citizen!

If a government is incorporated, it must be UN-incorporated, and forced to be a CHARITY.

As a charity, each local, state, and federal “government” would be forced to operate as charities do. They could not be “for profit”, and could not be in business to sell anything.

They would only be allowed to do FUNDRAISERS where they beg us for money every year to operate.

If you are a person who works for the government in this new NON PROFIT, you’ll get your pay cut, and you’d be better off working at Mcdonalds (pay wise).

If you love your country, you’ll work for minimum wage as a government employee… no longer will government jobs be “good jobs, nor will the government jobs command much respect from the population.

Government workers should be treated like fast food workers.

The new amendment will OUTLAW all corporation forming by any kind of “government”… .right now… ALL governments are incorporated like a CORPORATION so they can “do business”, make money, and charge you for things.

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Also, so their corporate RULES and REGULATIONS apply to their slaves (employees)….. as it stands right now.. the corporations rules are out of control, thus the corporation needs to be disbanded, and broke apart,

GOVERNMENT IS A MONOPOLY .. they have no competition, but they are a corporation.

Tell me how that’s fair, just, or morally correct? It’s not, therefore it must be stopped.

The way to stop it would be for 3/4 of the states people to vote on this, and outlaw corporate government.

ABOLISH corporate government, for your / our freedom!