USGS Caught Deleting Yellowstone Seismic Events, Hiding Any Major Quake Activity

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M2.9 – 7km E of Challis, Idaho


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Nearby Cities

  1. 7km (4mi) E of Challis, Idaho
  2. 192km (119mi) ENE of Boise, Idaho
  3. 194km (121mi) ENE of Garden City, Idaho
  4. 196km (122mi) NE of Mountain Home, Idaho
  5. 198km (123mi) ENE of Eagle, Idaho

A series of noteworthy earthquakes has occurred at multiple locations around the Pacific Plate, also reaching across the United States at a series of Dormant Volcanoes, and fracking operations.

This video explores the causes behind the seismic unrest, and focuses in on the volcanic nature to several of these events.

The deep upwelling pressure, coming from below the Pacific Plate — is causing shallow earthquakes to develop at dormant volcanoes, and fracking operations (in the United States).

Internationally, we were watching for Solomon Sea to be hit by a mid-M6.0 earthquake, the earthquake forecast issued 3 days ago called for the movement to strike this week.

Now Solomon Sea has been hit by a M6.2 + swarm of earthquakes, in the area which was forecast to move.

Taiwan was also hit with double M5.2 + M5.3 earthquakes after several weeks of relative silence. Taiwan was forecast to see upper M5.0 to lower M6.0 earthquake activity — now Taiwan has been hit.

Chile was forecast to see a large volcanic eruption and swarm of M5.0 earthquakes. Now Chile has been hit by a large EARTHQUAKE (instead of an eruption), and a swarm of M6.0 and M5.0 earthquakes as well.

The United States is showing activity develop at the midwest fracking operations of Texas / Oklahoma — and also showing activity at (or near) dormant volcanoes located in New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, and Washington State.

Overall, this is an excessive amount of earthquake activity to see within 3-4 days time. This excess pressure is a sign that things are still building in the Pacific.

We will see a larger earthquake in the near term as a result of all this current unrest.. the M8.3 in Chile was NOT the full release that must occur.

Just like in 2011, we need to watch for GREATER activity in the next few weeks, not less.

Why greater instead of less?

The answer is simple, the deep earthquakes below the Pacific Plate are causing repeat earthquakes in multiple locations. Each time displacement occurs below, we see a buildup of pressure around the Pacific, releasing in very large earthquakes every few months.

This M8.3 earthquake in Chile is a sign the the pressure is increasing.

The seismic shift always ramps UP before it cools down.

Have a plan, and be prepared, just in case 🙂


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