Weather Modification, Bill Gates and NASA ARE THEY KILLING THE PLANET AND YOU?


In 2008, a team of geoengineers financed by Bill Gates filed over 5 patents.  Patent # 20090177569 described as, โ€œA method of managing risk, comprising: selling insurance policies regarding areas to be protected by storm suppression equipment, the storm suppression equipment including wave driven water temperature alteration equipment; and funding at least one of purchase, operation, or maintenance of the storm suppression equipment at least partially through premiums collected from the selling.โ€ An insurance policy against the damage from the man made manipulation of hurricanes. In addition to this patent, another one (patent # 20090173386) was filed at the same time by the same team. โ€œWater alteration structure applications and methods,โ€  is explained on the patent application as,

โ€œ1. A method of environmental alteration, comprising: determining a placement of at least one vessel capable of moving water to lower depths in the water via wave induced downwelling; placing the at least one vessel in the determined placement; and generating movement of the water adjacent the surface of the water in response to the placing.

2. The method of claim 1, wherein the determining a placement includes predicting the path of at least one of a tropical depression, a tropical storm, a low pressure atmospheric disturbance, a predicted storm, a hurricane, or a typhoon.โ€

The Plan & NASA


Nathan Myhrvold from Intellectual Ventures, member of the team of inventors and formerly the Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft, actually said in an interview, โ€œThe idea is to put them out there in January, and they sit there all year, mixing the sea just a little more than the sea would otherwise be mixed.โ€ Geoengineers on the team included Ken Caldeira, John Latham and Stephen Salter, all of whom have written extensively for over 20 years on a the subject of cloud brightening or whitening, which can reflect sunlight to aid in cooling the planet to fight global warming. In their own words, each have expressed the need for such action and the consequences of these actions. We will see extreme weather conditions, droughts, floods, food supply effected, severe hurricanes and heavy precipitation on some areas where never such occurrences have been witnessed. The plan, with assistance from NASA, is for the development and launching of a seawater-spraying machine that could prevent climate change by creating clouds that reflect sunlight away from earth. The machines could suck up ten tons of water per second and then spray it over 3,000 feet into the air, increasing the density of clouds. It would take a large amount of energy to power each individual ship โ€” and a study showed that it would it take 1,900 ships at a cost of over $7 billion to stop Earthโ€™s temperature from rising.

Connecting the Dots

Weather Modification, Bill Gates and NASA ARE… by Tats-Revolution

We have been seeing an unusual pattern visible by satellite images of the Pacific ocean over the past year. These trails, said to be โ€œship trails,โ€ have been noted consistently in recent years, two such occasions areโ€ฆ July 16, 2012 and January 16, 2013. Could this be the beginning of a dis-information campaign? NASA released photos and videos on their own website showing these abstract trail patterns extending thousands of miles. They can be seen from about a hundred miles off the coast Mexico to south of Alaska and west to Hawaii. The release of these satellite images and details of these trails happen to coincide with some of the most bizarre winter weather this country has ever seen. Reports of snowfall in the south at temps well above freezing, snow squalls appearing out of nowhere, storms and floods.. all within the past 2 weeks. Is there a connection between Bill Gates receiving a patent to manipulate the weather to alter the path of hurricanes, the trails from the Pacific ocean being seen by many satellite imagery and NASA reporting that this is normal but somewhat unique so there is nothing to worry about? These trails are not being observed anywhere on the planet except for the pacific ocean. Why do these trails resemble the stated results of the Gates Hurricane Patent? Are storms being manipulated? What we are seeing models the computer simulations which have been well documented for over 20 years in peer reviewed scientific papers. This is not the NASA that we all grew up watching. The research into geoengineering is ongoing, both in simulations and illegal rogue operations around the world. These destructive schemes must end.