Married teacher arrested after photos showing her completely nude go viral ! WOW REALLY



(Scroll down fro video) A woman was arrested after nude photos of her was posted to the Internet.

Jamie Climie, 36, of Ohio, is in legal trouble after she told police that someone stole her iPhone, which had inappropriate photos of herself, and then posted her personal photos to the Internet.

Climie, who is a married woman and a fifth grade science teacher, claimed that she took the photos for her husband.

However, a forensic investigation of her cellphone records revealed that Climie had previously sent the photos to another person, who was not her husband.

She has been charged with lying to police, as she falsely reported that her photos were stolen along with her phone.

The nude photos were posted to a revenge website. It appeared with a message saying “Jaimie is married, has children, and works for Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy. She love to show off her fake boobs to anyone willing to give her attention.”

Climie resigned from her teaching position when news of the photographs reached school officials.

Climie was charged with second-degree obstruction of official business and was released on her own recognizance.


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