They are keeping everyone distracted while disaster is about to strike.. Russia just said they are at full readiness for war—Against who?

They are keeping everyone distracted while disaster is about to strike.. Russia just said they are at full readiness for war-

Full Combat Readiness Snap Drill of Missile Forces THIS IS THE LINK

They are keeping everyone distracted while disaster is about to strike.. Russia just said they are at full readiness for war VIEWS 200,895

July 16th, 2013
Updated 07/16/2013 at 10:26 am

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Straight out of Russian news, Vladimir Putin has called for the nation’s strategic bombers to enter a state of  ˜full combat readiness  following the snap drills  that were initiated after Israel bombed Russian-made missiles within Syria.

As I reported on Sunday, Russia’s large scale amassing of over 160,000 troops, naval ships, fighter planes, and strategic bombers has been virtually ignored by the mainstream media  with only Russian-based news services really reporting on the entire event. From the Israeli bombing of the Russian missiles to the ˜snap drills  calling upon Russian forces to enter this period of full combat readiness , it appears that only RT has been analyzing the situation and looking at what’s going on based on military sources.

Tabloid Media Too Busy to Cover Brewing World Conflict

Originally being revealed by an anonymous intelligence individuals within the US military and shared with CNN as reported by the Israeli National News, the revelation that Israel was behind the strike on the Russian-made missiles in Syria may be behind the reason for the combat drill  assuming the Russians found out before the general public.  Unfortunately, the US mainstream media is too busy covering the minor  intricacies of what George Zimmerman ate for breakfast today to discuss the potential brewing of mega conflict.

And when you throw Edward Snowden into this mix of tensions between world powers, it’s additional fuel on the fire amid all of this diplomatic turmoil. And with   the intelligence leak that it was Israel who blew up Russia’s missiles after they deemed them to be a threat to the country, you have a real serious key going into the ignition of world war.

An excerpt from the Russian report on the English version of the .RU website  RIA Novosti reads:


 Russia’s air base of Tu-95MS Bear-H strategic bombers in the Amur Region is switching to full combat readiness as part of massive snap drills in the Eastern Military District, the Defense Ministry’s press office reported on Sunday The exercise, which involves over 160,000 servicemen, some 1,000 armored vehicles, 130 aircraft and 70 warships from the  Pacific Fleet, was ordered by President Vladimir Putin on Friday evening.

Whether or not escalations reach the point of conflict, and I certainly hope they do not (as Israel vs Russia is the absolute  ˜perfect storm  setup to launch the next world war and potential nuclear armageddon), the amassing of over 160,000 troops and strategic bombers with orders to achieve full combat readiness  is newsworthy. But apparently not to the mainstream media within the United States. A simple Google search at the time of writing for  ˜Russia 160,000 troops  will in fact bring up forums, social media posts, Russian websites, and small-time blogs.


(CBS News) FORT BRAGG, N.C. — On Thursday, Secretary of State John Kerry met with Syrians who’ve fled the two-year-old civil war. He visited a sprawling refugee camp in Jordan that holds 115,000 refugees. Some pleaded with Kerry for U.S. military intervention in the war between rebels and the dictatorship of Bashar Assad.

By Judge Dale



Members of the 82nd Airborne division are training to find and secure potential chemical weapons in Syria.

/ CBS News

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, told a Senate panel Thursday that he has military options for Syria — should the president ever give the order. That order might come if Assad’s chemical weapon stockpiles are in danger of falling into the wrong hands. U.S. troops are training for that, and we went along.

U.S. training Syrian rebels at secret bases
Video: America’s support for Syrian rebels: “Too little, too late”?
Video: President Obama to begin arming Syrian rebels

About 1,500 paratroopers dropped out of the night sky from an altitude of just 800 feet, bringing with them nearly 190,000 pounds of equipment. They were the first of some 4,000 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division parachuting into an exercise designed in part to prepare for the worst in Syria.


After seizing an airfield in the woods of North Carolina, they launched a helicopter assault on a compound where, for purposes of this exercise, chemical agents were believed to be stored. Their mission: get to the chemicals before they fall into the hands of terrorists who would use them against Americans.


Maj. Gen. John Nicholson is commander of the 82nd. “As we look at the evolving situation — Syria and other places around the world — we’re preparing to deal with the reality of securing chemical weapons,” he said.

Maj. Gen. John Nicholson, commander of the 82nd Airborne Division, said as the situation is evolving in Syria and in other countries, that his troops are preparing to deal with the reality of securing chemical weapons.

/ CBS News

In one exercise, they found one of the components for the deadly nerve agent VX.


So how do chemical weapons change the operation?

“Chemical weapons are not something we’ve encountered in the last ten years of counterinsurgency,” explained Nicholson. “So there’s many dimensions to the issue of securing chemical stockpiles that we’re working through right now.”

Nicholson acknowledges that chemical weapons make it a more dangerous situation. “We want to minimize the risk to our paratroopers … and then how do we deal with the potential hazards to the locals in that area, to the civilians,” he said.

The paratroopers would keep everybody else away until experts arrived to decontaminate the site and arrange for the disposal of the chemicals.

Asked if he has special units trained and equipped to handle chemical weapons, Nicholson replied: “We do in the United States Army and they’re out here training with us right now,” he said.

It’s been a decade since U.S. forces went into Iraq looking for chemical weapons. They didn’t find any, but the threat is back — this time in Syria. If U.S. forces are ever sent on another chemical weapons hunt, it will be the paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne.


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HAARP 2013 and 2014 airforce budget


Department of Defense
Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 President’s Budget Submission
Air Force





So, now the “HAARP is closed” bogus story made it all the way to Nick Begich.

Coast to Coast am pushing the false “ARRL” amateur radio story about HAARP closing.

The director of HAARP was reached for comment on his original story… Dr. Keenan..

Quote him on the validity of the story : ” No comment “. Yes, thats right… he won’t confirm or deny the story.

Nevermind him confirming it.. the false story blames MULTIPLE diesel generators being dirty… even though there is only ONE diesel generator that powers the facility.

The fake story also blames budget cuts, and says that HAARP is abandoned.

LOL… the budget for 2013 and 2014 are posted on my site.

Not just DARPAs budget.. we have the 2014 Airforce budget too.

So.. the whole story is bunk.. yet its being repeated over and over again.


But who cares about all that…. everyone want to believe HAARP is closed due to an article on an unheard of site, written by an anonymous person.

The article has no name on it . LOL

[gview file=”” cache=”0″]

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