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Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura DEATH RAY

‘HAARP rings’ and ‘Scalar squares’ — Frequency Weather Mod Exposed on TV

“Butt Hurt Feelings Song”

having been set to run for senate in NY and/or the Presidency..


possibly by 2004.


For one of the most CAUTIOUSLY worded of many such statements
made in a great number of mainstream publications, check Newsweek’s
July 26 edition, in the article “Huddling Against History”, page
52, bottom right; which jibes with info from personal contacts
in the NY area. 

…”Young Kennedy was routinely asked by NY Democrats to be a
candidate for public office. A close friend confided to Newsweek
after his accident… that Kennedy was quietly exploring a campaign
for the US senate seat in 2000 before the 1st Lady expressed
Indications that Hillary Clinton was/is perhaps less than serious
regarding a NY Senate campaign make it even MORE likely Kennedy
WOULD have ended up being a (formidable) candidate.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.

JFK Jr. – “FBI” Report – InvalidJohn Quinn / Newshawk 




Certain inherent contradictions and some definite “whoppers” in the
alleged FBI preliminary report regarding the deaths of John  Kennedy,
Jr., his wife Carolyn and sister-in-law Lauren Bessette, have been
bugging us. 

My feeling about this document is that, in classic spook fashion, it
cleverly mixes in elements of the truth (i.e.; the plane WAS
intentionally destroyed by some means, which most likely resulted in an
explosive event of some intensity) with some highly questionable data
that, naturally, will serve to discredit the entire document AND any
elements of truth it may contain. Furthermore this will serve the purpose
of derailing further serious inquiry into the tragedy AND of
discrediting ALL accounts of events which indicate “foul play” or
intentional, targeted destruction of the aircraft by hostile agencies.

One of the most notable of these HIGHLY questionable statements in this
“FBI” report is that Carolyn Kennedy was in her third trimester of
pregnancy. Earlier rumors right after the plane went missing were that
Carolyn was pregnant–no claims that she was in her third trimester. To
think that someone in their third trimester of pregnancy would be able
to prevent just about anyone with reasonably functional eyes from
noticing the truly hard-to-conceal outward physical manifestations of
this condition is hopelessly absurd. That statement right there makes
this entire document highly questionable.
Neither the leaked “interpol” report on the air disaster NOR the
internal FAA document that was held, seen and read by our contact in the
New York area make the kind of definitive statements about the
destruction of this airplane found in this “FBI” report, though both
indicate SOME kind of hostile targeting of the craft MOMENTS AFTER
Kennedy completed his 9:39 radio contact with the Vineyard airport.

The FAA document CLEARLY indicates a massive electromagnetic pulse was
the cause of the crash of this exceptionally reliable airplane (this
plane in fact has electronic sensing equipment which can literally right
the plane if the pilot is losing control [up to a point of course]):
utterly fusing and melting every single integrated circuit on the plane,
including all hi-tech devices such as the auto-stabilizer system just
noted, exploding every light bulb in the aircraft, totally discharging
the plane’s battery/charging system, and certainly blinding and probably
microwaving all passengers.

The chances of such an event causing a secondary explosion due to sparks
from fused sensing equipment in the fuel system are extremely high. The
fact that the wheels/landing gear apparatus was found detached from the
main body of the plane tends o support this assessment. Reason? the
Piper Saratoga has retractable landing gear. The wheels would have
almost certainly still have been retracted and therefore would NOT have
broken off when the plane hit the after. that the craft was blown apart
before it hit the water.

People I know personally and trust have seen the FAA document
first-hand. They believe it to be genuine. The credibility of the
sender of the “interpol” report has been assiduously investigated. I and
others believe the sender to be in fact “who he says he is” and thus
feel the report he sent us is fundamentally valid. For my money, toss
the alleged FBI report. Investigators should concentrate on what is
stated and implied in the other two reports noted. The FAA document in
fact should immediately become the subject of a Freedom of Information
Act filing for full public disclosure of the contents of the document.

Oh… and what about the NTSB report? Toilet paper.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.

THIS ABOVE MAP IS THE FIRST OF THE SEQUENCEHOURLY RADAR LOOP2300Z 7/16/99SCROLL DOWN FOR THE 8 HOURS FOLLOWING2300Z 7/16/99ALSO FOR MORE ON THIS ACCIDENT ??????LOOK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE A reporter for the Vineyard Gazette newspaper told WCVB-TV in Boston that he was outwalking Friday night about the time of the crash and saw “big white flash in the sky” off PhilbinBeach.  (NOTE: Looks like story has been pulled by Virtual News).

THIS IMAGE WAS REMOVED – MISSING FROM RADAR DATA7/26/99FBI Document: Bomb Blasted JFK’s Plane              By Sherman Skolnick<skolnick@ameritech.net> SIGHTINGS Head of Smithsonian Air and Space       Museum killed in glider crash Cable car accident kills 20 observatory workers in France CNN – Former astronaut Pete Conrad killed in motorcycle accident – July 9, 1999THIS NEXT RING I FOUND AS I WAS LOOKINON THE ABOVE

John F. Kennedy, Jr.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr., often referred to as John F. Kennedy, Jr., JFK Jr., John Jr. or John-John, was an American socialite, magazine publisher and lawyer. Wikipedia
Born: November 25, 1960, Washington, D.C.
Died: July 16, 1999, Atlantic Ocean
Height: 6′ 1″ (1.85 m)


JFK, Jr. Murder Coverup ConfirmedAnthony Hilder


The American Illuminists “Managed Media” DOESN’T SANITIZE A STORY UNLESS IT IS DIRTY.  The Free World Alliance’s “Ace Contributor,” John DiNardo tried to confirm that JFK Jr. and his family “Took A Hit” within 90 seconds of the time he was talking to the Airport Control Tower on Martha’s Vineyard which confirmed that everything was A-OKAY on his approach for landing.  DiNardo asked Corporate Media Services whose business it is to keep out archival records of everything that transpired on the local television station.  DiNardo asked for what was aired on July 17, 1999, the day after Kennedy and his companions were killed.  The specific times requested was between noon and 3 PM on July 17. 


Knowing that the Manhattan Money Mobs who manage the Media would try to hide all evidence that a crime had been committed in the Kennedy killings, John DiNardo wanted to secure “Hard Evidence” that the story had been altered to support the Government’s “SPIN”.  DiNardo, our Ace Investigator, was attempting to get “The True Story” before it had been scrubbed, edited out, or sanitized to cover up the dastardly deed that had befallen young Kennedy.  The report that JFK Jr. had radioed the Control Tower at Martha’s Vineyard at 9:30  
pm on the night of his death and was in full control of both his plane and his mental faculties was squelched by the Main-Stream Media never to surface again.  Shortly after the news of Kennedy’s communication with Flight Control Tower had broken, but before the Spin Doctors could alter those first reports, there is a time when the truth is told.  DiNardo knew that and that’s where his search began to prove conclusively that the son of the late President John F. Kennedy was murdered.  

The video tapes secured by DiNardo CONFIRMS CONCLUSIVELY that the Cashist Cabal had their “SPIN DOCTORS” DELETE THIS EVIDENCE from the mainstream media.  The good news is that in addendum to our running the story in eight languages the tape was replicated and sent out to 31 other news outlets along with the story by Quinn at News Hawk.  It was emailed, faxed, hard copied, and linked  to tens of thousands of others.  It is the responsibility of everybody engaged in this “war of words” to see that this goes out to extricate  
the Illuminati’s influence over the free press.  



© Copyright 1999 NewsHawk ® Inc.

Rights of unaltered reproduction/distribution hereby waived.


A plethora of facts, testimony, circumstantial evidence and common 
sense as well as certain material evidence has shown consistently 
that the deaths of John F. Kennedy Jr., wife Carolyn Bessette and 
sister-in-law Lauren Bessette and the destruction (by some means or 
other) of the Piper Saratoga aircraft the three were flying in were very likely not “accidental” events . 

One of the PRIMARY indications the plane’s destruction and the 
passengers’ deaths were NOT the result of some “accident” is a 
radio contact made by pilot JFK Jr. to the Martha’s Vineyard Airport flight control tower at 9:39 PM, July 16, 1999. 

The timing and content of this radio contact, as well as the tone of Kennedy’s conversation, invalidate to an overwhelming extent the prevailing, “officially-sanctioned” accounts of the event promulgated by the federal government through mass media outlets. 


Now; let’s go over this “official” “account”. Federal government 
agencies such as the NTSB and the FAA put forth (at least publicly) 
the following scenario regarding the last 10 minutes or so of the 

According to them, radar records show Kennedy was changing altitude 
and direction somewhat erratically and rapidly in the minutes preceding the craft’s destruction. 

The implication here is that these radar records clearly indicate Kennedy’s much-ballyhooed “inexperience” as a pilot combined with 
highly “unfavorable” weather/visibility conditions had resulted in 
Kennedy being in marginal control of the aircraft for some minutes 
before the plane was destroyed; that he eventually completely lost 
control and the aircraft plunged headlong into the sea in a “death spiral”. 

And at what time, according to these official accounts, did radar returns show the plane was destroyed? Try just after NINE THIRTY-NINE PM. 


A NewsHawk associate has now obtained solid evidence that JFK Jr. 
DID in fact make radio contact with flight controllers at NINE THIRTY-NINE PM July 16. 

What’s even more important however, is that our associate also obtained IRREFUTABLE proof that the reported fact of this radio contact was deliberately removed from archived tape transcripts of WCVB-TV Channel 5’s broadcast of July 17, 1999, during which–at approximately 12:35 PM–U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Todd Burgun reported to WCVB the fact of JFK Jr.’s radio contact the night before. 

By later in the evening on July 17 this vital information was being actively covered up by WCVB and some other mass media outlets, as it has been in all subsequent government and mass media reports. 


There is now PROOF that this tremendously important fact of JFK Jr.’s 9:39 PM radio contact was without doubt DELIBERATELY and literally “covered up”: hours of time on the tape archive of WCVB’s July 17 broadcast, during which information on Kennedy’s radio contact was continually reported, have been intentionally cut. 

The record has in fact been FALSIFIED. 

We will discuss this extraordinarily significant issue momentarily. 

Now of course there is some infinitesimally small chance that, seconds after Kennedy completed his radio call, either there was a catastrophic mechanical failure of some kind or JFK Jr. somehow completely and instantly lost control of the plane; one or the other possibility (or both) causing the crash. 

Nevertheless: the timing, content and tone of this radio communication leaves the hypothesis that “pilot error” caused the crash–as drummed unceasingly into the minds of public through endless mass media regurgitation of such claims by government officials and agencies–virtually devoid of any credibility whatsoever: and if WHATEVER caused the crash were TRULY “accidental”, then WHY has the fact that Kennedy made the call been completely covered up and lied about? 

This proof that information on Kennedy’s verified radio contact with flight controllers at 9:39 PM July 16, as reported to WCVB-TV by Petty Officer Todd Burgun of the Coast Guard, was subsequently expunged and deleted from ALL government AND media accountsof the tragedy and indeed specifically DENIED by all relevant agencies is beyond any reasonable doubt TOTALLY suspicious! 

If the destruction of the plane and deaths of all passengers was “accidental” there is absolutely no reason for COVERING UP the fact of the 9:39 PM radio contact.  

“Well, wait,” you say. “Covered up? Lied about?”  

Exactly how can we “prove” such a cover-up DID occur regarding this radio contact? How can we “prove” that what was indeed initially reported as ROCK-SOLID fact was within a matter of hours completely expunged from all official accounts and denied by many persons and agencies directly involved? 

We will explain precisely how this can be PROVED forthwith. 

Now course, a reasonable person can easily begin to see there’s something just a LITTLE bit wrong with this “official” picture by now. But don’t go away. The picture gets even worse. 


Let’s get back for a moment to those “official” claims mass media has bombarded us with over and over again–that weather/visibility  conditions in the Martha’s Vineyard region were lousy. 

In FACT, FAA Flight Specialist Edward Meyer of LaGuardia Airport in Queens N.Y., tapped by FAA administrator Jane Garvey to prepare the FAA’s OFFICIAL report of weather conditions when Kennedy’s plane was destroyed, stated in the report that visibility in the region was AT LEAST very good on the evening of July 16. 

Meyer himself became SO distressed by endless spewing of erroneous disinformation about these weather conditions by government agencies and mass media, he took the unprecedented step of issuing a public statement ON HIS OWN–which THOROUGHLY SLAMMED this onslaught of disinformational noise as complete, total NONSENSE, utterly unsupported by the FACTS. 

To quote from Meyer’s personal statement as released to mass 
media: “The weather along his flight was just fine. A little haze over eastern Connecticut. 

“I don’t know why the airplane crashed, but what I heard on the media was NOTHING BUT GARBAGE.” 

Thanks for standing up for the TRUTH, Mr. Meyer and God bless you. 

Weather radar data for July 16, although strangely unavailable for the exact time when the plane was destroyed, DOES show that  atmospheric moisture, “haze”. etc. were quite minimal around Martha’s Vineyard both before and after the plane’s destruction, in contrast to conditions further west, closer to the NYC metropolitan area. 

Okay. We can forget about poor weather/visibility conditions ontributing to the plane’s destruction by “pilot error” and such. 

Next, let’s take a look at claims Kennedy was in fact seriously  under-qualified to be flying at all under such conditions, even though we have just PROVEN weather conditions at Martha’s Vineyard were in fact QUITE GOOD. 



Various disinformational sources have claimed that Kennedy had anywhere from under 100 to at most perhaps 200-300 hours of flight experience at the time of his death. Other almost laughable disinformation issued forth from spooks, intelligence agents and dupes of various stripes and nationalities, who spewed static about Kennedy’s recklessness and foolhardiness, culminating in claims that Kennedy possessed some kind of “risk-taking” gene never before heard of in the history of science. And on and on. You get the picture. 

What’s the REAL truth about Kennedy’s qualifications as a pilot? How 
about this. 

Every personal flight instructor JFK Jr. EVER had stated that the man 
was an EXCEPTIONALLY cautious, prudent and careful pilot, absolutely NOT given to recklessness or “risk-taking’ of any kind in any way shape or form while flying. Our many previous articles on this tragedy identify 
and quote a number of these individuals. 

However, most significant regarding this issue are statements from John McColgan, Kennedy’s federal licensing instructor in Vero Beach, Florida. 

McColgan stated that Kennedy’s flight experience dates back SEVENTEEN years; to 1981. He also reported Kennedy had over 700 hours total flight time; that Kennedy had completed his written test for instrument flight rating AND indeed had completed his training for the in-flight instrument rating test only several months before his death. Kennedy just hadn’t taken the in-flight test. 

McColgan noted that Kennedy WAS basically qualified to fly on 
instruments alone (NOT that he would have even NEEDED to around 9:39 PM July 16, 1999 near Martha’s Vineyard), and furthermore called Kennedy an EXCELLENT PILOT. 

SO, we can now forget about claims that Kennedy was an inexperienced, under-qualified, reckless, “risk-taking pilot. 


NOW, let’s look at what was going on in the air over the water near the 
southwest part of Martha’s Vineyard on July 16, 1999 at around 9:39 PM. 

What WAS going on was that Kennedy radioed the Vineyard airport control tower. 

According to UPI’s news bulletin titled “Hopes Fade For Missing Kennedy Plane” (UPI Focus) AQUINNAH, Mass., July 17 (UPI) -(as excerpted verbatim from the article at —  http://www.upi.com/corp/news/jfkjr3.html) 
– – – – – – – – – – – – – 

‘ŠAt 9:39 p.m. Friday, Kennedy radioed the airport and said he was 13 
miles from the airport and 10 miles from the coast, according to WCVB-TV news in Boston. He reportedly said he was making his final approach. 

‘Moments later, radar operated by the Federal Aviation Administration 
showed the plane went into a dive and dropped 1,200 feet in just 12 
seconds, according to ABC News. 

‘In his final approach message, WCVB-TV said Kennedy told controllers at the airport that he planned to drop off his wife’s sister and then take 
off again between 11 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. for Hyannis Airport.’ 

– – – – – – – – – – – – 

Although these crucial facts regarding Kennedy’s 9:39 PM radio contact 
were reported by WCVB-TV Boston as well as by UPI and several other 
local TV stations in the Martha’s Vineyard area, they were removed from 
WCVB’s reporting later in the evening on July 17, subsequently 
disappeared from UPI’s accounts within about 24 hours and were also 
subsequently DENIED by airport personnel. 

Indeed news of Kennedy’s radio contact never even made it to some mass media outlets and if it did was quickly expunged from later reports. 

Questions put to WCVB-TV personnel several days afterward about their broadcast of this information were disingenuously skirted; though 
never outright denied. One such statement from the station was: “we 
don’t “BELIEVE” we broadcast that information.” 

Well, it turns out there’s a good reason WCVB personnel never outright 
denied having broadcast this information, because THEY DID broadcast it! 




The tape of WCVB’s broadcast of Saturday, July 17, starting at about 12 noon, was obtained from Corporate Media Services of Auburn, New 
Hampshire, which archives tapes of TV broadcasts and markets copies. 

On the tape, at approximately 12:35 PM, WCVB news anchor Susan Warnick reports there is a significant new development in the case of Kennedy’s missing plane. 

Says Warnick: “We have been told by the Coast Guard that in fact there IS now EVIDENCE of a last communication, last night, with JFK Jr.’s plane as it was ON APPROACH to Martha’s Vineyard Airport. Petty Officer Todd Burgun joins us from the Coast Guard base in Boston. He is a petty officer and public information officer. 

“Thank you for being with us, sir. What can you tell us about this last 
communication with JFK Jr.’s plane?” 

The station cuts to a live audio feed from Todd Burgun at U.S. Coast 
Guard headquarters in Boston. Burgun begins speaking as follows: “All I 
know at this time is that it was at 9:39 PM, and it was with the FAA and 
it was on a-(pproach?) –“ 

And, on the archive tape of the broadcast as originally received, THAT’S IT! 

INCREDIBLY, the first archive tape transcript/copy received from 
Corporate Media Services is CUT–right there! Just as Petty Officer Todd Burgun begins his report on newly discovered evidence of the 9:39 PM radio call from Kennedy! 

THIS tape then resumes with WCVB’s broadcast from approximately 6 PM that evening. 

How about that. The tape transcript of WCVB’s July 16 broadcast is 
inexplicably cut JUST as Todd Burgun of the U.S. Coast Guard begins his report of what the announcer had most appropriately called a major, 
very significant new development in the case. There is a gap of over 
FIVE HOURS in the tape of their broadcast that day–as first received. 


Now; any guesses what the first words out of the mouth of the evening 
news anchor are when the tape of the broadcast resumes at 6 PM? The 
announcer, fidgeting, fumbling for words, looking nervous, distraught 
and downright UPSET, haltingly and stutteringly makes the following, 
tortuous, garbled and HIGHLY unconvincing statement. 

“Something that we had THOUGHT earlier (FIRST lie–there was NO 
‘thought’ involved at all: rather an UNEQUIVOCAL official report from 
the Coast Guard) MAY not be TRUE: that there WAS actually NO radio 
communication (SECOND lie–one moment she says “may not be true” and in the next breath says “there WASŠ noŠ communication”) with JFK  Jr.’s plane after it left New Jersey. 

“We had HOPED (“we” had?) that there was some radio communication of course (?), most recently at Martha’s Vineyard (?). This (uncomfortable pause) — last night at about NINE O’CLOCK, NINE- 
THIRTY (being obviously aware of the TRUTH of the radio contact she 
inadvertently gives the location and general time of the actual contact!!), when perhaps things STARTED TO GO WRONG (?!) (giving away 
the truth again!). 

“We had hoped we could learn from that, but it SEEMSŠ thatŠ thereŠ 
(another uncomfortable pause)– MAY be NO EVIDENCE (MAY be?) because (and here’s the zinger) there MAY be no RECORDING to listen to TO GET THESE DETAILS FROM!” 

Whew! A look of immense relief crossed the announcer’s face as she 
manages to finish her obviously distressing task of lying bold-faced 
to the camera; her hands and those of her co-anchor fidgeting 
continuously throughout her ordeal. The entire scene just REEKS of 
someone having just been told by higher-ups to “get out there” and 

And even in the depths of this mishmash of lies and falsifications, 
the announcer does not–or probably CAN not–just state plainly and 
simply: “the Coast Guard was mistaken–there was no radio contact 
between Kennedy and the airport.” Period. 

Naturally, our source’s interest was highly provoked at this clear evidence of falsification of the record and got in touch with Corporate Media Services in regard to the situation. He was given some lame excuse as to why the station had wanted their tape archive cut at that point, which of course had nothing to do with the incredibly important information reported on during the time period missing from the tape first received. 

Prevailing upon the personnel at Corporate Media Services, he was 
able to obtain an UN-CUT tape copy of WCVB’s July 17 broadcast, 
which had on it the portion of the broadcast cut from the first tape. 

And guess what? On the UN-CUT tape of the broadcast, Officer Burgun 
goes on to deliver his full report, which makes note of those points 
reported by UPI as quoted above: that Kennedy, completely calm and 
obviously “in command” of himself, his craft and the overall situation, was on approach to the airport and had given his approximate position and trajectory as well as made a comment about dropping Lauren Bessette off and then continuing on to Hyannis. 

This tremendously significant information is then referred to REPEATEDLY for the next several hours by WCVB; with EVERY possible indication that Kennedy’s 9:39 radio contact is absolute, ROCK-SOLID, verifiable FACT! 

And that’s what was cut from the tape archive of the station’s July 
17 broadcast. 


Most interestingly as well, ALSO reported by WCVB news anchors 
repeatedly during that portion of the broadcast which was cut, is 
the fact that a reporter for the (Martha’s) Vineyard Gazette who was 
on Philbin Beach (southwest end of Martha’s Vineyard) the evening of 
July 16 saw an AIRBORNE EXPLOSION in the general vicinity of the sky where Kennedy’s plane was destroyed at approximately 9:40. 

THIS information was also covered up and outright denied by all 
relevant parties and agencies in all subsequent government and media 
accounts of the event. 



Now, as we’ve noted, although the timing, content and tone of Kennedy’s 9:39 PM communication with flight controller personnel in and of themselves almost COMPLETELY invalidate the possibility “pilot error”–especially–or even some chance catastrophic mechanical failure caused the plane’s destruction, there is still an incredibly small chance that seconds after this communication one or the other eventuality did occur. 

However, if that WERE in fact the case, then WHY has the absolutely 
undeniable FACT of this radio contact been COVERED UP in every 
official statement and news story on the incident beginning later 
in the day on Saturday, July 17 and continuing on until the present? 

If Kennedy had an ACCIDENT, then WHY has the TRUTH been covered up? 

This irrefutable proof of cover-up can only mean that the deaths of 
Kennedy, his reportedly pregnant wife and her sister didn’t happen 
“by accident”. This can only mean they were murdered by means of 
deliberate destruction/sabotage of the aircraft. 

And that IS the truth, the whole truth and nothing BUT the “UN-CUT” TRUTH. 

Just think about the degree and intensity of pressure which was applied to the owners/managers of WCVB-TV Boston to make them force their news crews to deliberately and knowingly LIE on camera about what the station had just previously reported for several hours straight; which was applied to Martha’s Vineyard airport personnel to make them lie when questioned about Kennedy’s radio contact; which was applied to WCVB’s owners/managers to make them have Corporate Media Services alter/falsify the tape archive of the station’s July 17 broadcast. 

Think about WHAT THIS MEANS about present conditions in the United 
States of America. 


There is another issue tangential to this which must be noted. We 
have perused NewsHawk’s emails from early September, several days 
before author/researcher Jim Keith met his seemingly suspicious 

Keith had just written an article about the many suspicious aspects 
to the deaths of JFK Jr. and the Bessettes. 

Keith had in fact been “tipped off” to much of the very same information on the JFK Jr./Bessette murders which NewsHawk had previously brought to light. An intermediary was in the process of connecting us DIRECTLY to Keith regarding the matter only a few days before his death so Keith could get access to what we’d already written. Other sources say he had been digging into the case and there is an indication that he had come into possession of this same hard evidence of COVER-UP as we’ve just described: hard evidence which has now been widely disseminated by us–as explained below. 


With regret we must inform the American people and the people of 
the world that the proof shows the U.S. government has FORCED the 
TRUTH of the deaths of John F. Kennedy Jr. and the Bessettes to be 
covered up. 

Multiple copies of the deliberately cut and falsified tape archive of WCVB-TV Boston’s July 17 broadcast as well as the un-cut version 
as it ORIGINALLY AIRED have been sent a number of reliable, 
uncompromised investigators throughout the world for synchronized 
release on public access cable channels and websites, so that this 
IRREFUTABLE HARD EVIDENCE of a cover-up of the true facts of these deaths can and will be presented to the world.


Media Controls Increased After Kennedy MisstepsJohn Quinn / Newshawk 






The message below, received by NewsHawk, gives a VERY much appreciated


HEADS-UP to EVERYONE regarding some drastic changes in the way the


“news”, already managed and spin-doctored to the EXTREME in the United


States at this point, is set to be “coordinated” and reined in even further.


The demander-in-chief, as part of his seemingly endless onslaught 
against the our most fundamental rights and against common good, issued 
Presidential Directive #68 in April 1999. 

This malignant, cancerous outrage created something called the 
“International Public Information (system)” or IPI, whose sole purpose is 
to implement complete, across-the-boards, unilateral centralized control 

Although the group was “created” in April 1999, they decided to hold 
their first meeting on Wednesday, July 28. 

This DOES seem to be DIRECTLY related to one MAJOR problem that 
developed for the covert (geo)-political power brokers who murdered 
Kennedy and their stooges in the various “investigative”–make that 
“coverup”–agencies: that is, the early reporting of the crucial 
information regarding Kennedy’s 9:39 radio contact with Vineyard airport 
personnel and also reporting of eyewitnesses to the airborne destruction 
of the craft. News agencies involved in this were UPI; WCVB-TV, Boston; 
ABC News, and FOX-TV. 

Substantial efforts by “maverick” and alternative information sources to 
get such vital FACTS to the public AND to mass media organizations 
regarding the Kennedy and Bessette deaths were most likely a factor as 
well in this high-level decision to further shorten the press’s leash. 
The extraordinary degree of harassment directed at Jeff Rense of 
Sightings.com, NewsHawk and others due to our efforts in this regard 
would seem to validate this assessment. 

According to Geoff Metcalf’s article about this in WorldNetDaily: “THE 

This latest government outrage naturally uses PUBLIC funds, which feds 
have ALREADY stolen from the people, AGAINST us and our best interests. 
The intent is force the entire mass media industry into becoming even 
more rigidly controlled whores of the oppressive “state”. 

This is yet another nail in the coffin of whatever remains of our 
so-called “free press”. I personally can say that the way the “news” was 
“handled” regarding the Kennedy and Bessette murders was a really good 
indication of just how extreme these controls have ALREADY become! 

These “powers that be” DON’T want another problem like that which 
happened with Kennedy– the “uncontrolled” reporting of critical and 
incriminating information which UTTERLY invalidated the putrid 
“official” concoction being force-fed the public about the murders of 
Kennedy, his wife and Lauren Bessette. 

Be forewarned! The last vestiges of “free speech” are being crushed! 

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc. 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  
Subject: Tighter Media Control 
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 23:30:10 -0700 
From: xxx 
To: <jaq@saber.net> 

Is this just coincidence? Of course not! 

Right after John Kennedy’s crash, and KCVB-TV/UPI/ABC “mis-” reporting 
of John Kennedy’s call in to the control tower at Martha’s Vineyard 
(don’t they WISH they could have stopped people like you from reporting 
the IMPORTANCE of this!), there is a meeting of IPI, whose PURPOSE is to 
“coordinate, integrate, de-conflict and synchronize” the NEWS!!!??? 

Here’s my synopsis of a worldnetdaily story by Geoff Metcalf, on their 
site now: 


Presidential Decision Directive 68 of April, 1999 created the 
International Public Information (IPI) system. This propaganda and 
disinformation tool is to be run by Morton Halperin, formerly “Senior 
Director for Democracy” at the National Security Council and now head of 
policy planning at the State Department. 

The IPI working group met for the first time last Wednesday. Under the 
purview of IPI, media information (propaganda) will “be coordinated, 
integrated, DE-CONFLICTED (don’t you just LOVE that?) and synchronized 
with the (IPI) to achieve a synergistic effect” at home. Here is a 
government agency, which “we” pay for, set up specifically for the 
purpose of CONTROLLING the news!!! 

One former senior official stated that this charter “did not distinguish 
what would be done overseas and what would be done at home.” “The 
intention,” according to a WorldNetDaily (www.worldnetdaily.com) article 
by Geoff Metcalf, “is to slap a tighter bridle on domestic critics.” 

I’m telling you, people, they REALLY didn’t like the fact that WCVB-TV, 
UPI and ABC reported John Kennedy’s last words to the control tower–and 
you can now forget about the possibility of such news developments in 
the future. 


JFK Jr. – Missing Weather Radar Data / Brookhaven ExperimentsJohn Quinn / Newshawk 






It is a fact weather data files for a 2-hour period during which JFK


Jr.’s plane reportedly met a catastrophic end are missing from


all accessible databases and archives.


Retrieved weather radar images from the period BEFORE that for which 
records are missing, show strange ring/ripple patterns over the Long 
Island/Martha’s Vineyard area and over much of the northeast. Moreover, 
images from both before and after the time period in question indicate 
plainly that other than these bizarre rippling rings, “standard” 
atmospheric conditions in the Martha’s Vineyard area were generally 
quite good, with VERY LITTLE atmospheric moisture and good visibility. 

In fact a radar image from about 3 AM Saturday morning July 17, about 
five hours after Kennedy’s plane was destroyed, shows radar equipment’s 
basic setting was for “CLEAR” weather–a setting which is in fact much 
more sensitive to moisture in the air than the “PRECIPITATION” setting. 
So sensitive in fact that it can even detect SMOKE, not to mention the 
speculative heavy haze fairytale-writers have concocted as a factor in 
Kennedy’s speculative “pilot error” that speculatively caused his plane 
to…crash. Except that it DIDN’T crash, it exploded in mid-air. 
(Kennedy’s radio contact with airport personnel at 9:39 all but 
invalidates such claims of pilot error as the cause of the disaster… 
and investigators have found mechanical malfunction almost certainly 
NOT responsible for the craft’s destruction. Witnesses on the nearby 
beach to an airborne explosion at this same time complete the circle of 
proof that  Kennedy’s craft was destroyed in mid-air.) 

And by the way if some mechanical malfunction HAD been responsible for 
the aircraft’s precipitous drop from the sky, can anyone imagine a 
BETTER place to be than at a fairly low altitude over calm water and 
fairly close to land? It seems very reasonable to assume that a pilot 
with a total of 17 years flying experience, as Kennedy’s federal 
licensing instructor John McColgan of Vero Beach Florida has stated 
Kennedy had, would be able to make a soft landing on the surface of the 

Water, in fact, being the one thing the official line of speculation, 
disinformation and the like WILL NOT HOLD. 

To repeat, weather radar images for the time period JFK Jr.’s plane was 
destroyed are OBVIOUSLY MISSING from all databases that researchers have 
been able to access. 

Regarding the peculiar concentric rings showing up in the radar image 
from early Friday morning July 16, chances are high that this is related 
to a HIGHLY CLASSIFIED EXPERIMENTS now going on at Long Island’s 
(infamous) Brookhaven National Labs, site of much Montauk 
Project-related experimentation and particle accelerator/beam 
monkeyshines  in particular. 

Brookhaven Labs is the official “home” of the most advanced such 
particle accelerator apparatus on the earth (or at least we’re being led 
to believe it is); a setup known as RHIC or the Relativistic Heavy Ion 
Collider. This unit is giving rational, well-employed physicists all 
over the world some very bad nightmares, and in fact a London Times 
article from July 18 cites a number of these scientists as literally 
beside themselves with apprehension over potentially inconceivably 
awesome consequences of this experimentation–which kicked off at 
Brookhaven Labs SOMETIME on Friday July 16. 

Brookhaven is now conducting RHIC experiments in which they are 
attempting to duplicate the conditions thought to present at the moment 
of the “Big Bang”. As noted a great number of internationally recognized 
physicists have made public there total and vehement opposition to the 
extraordinarily risky experiments slated to take place at Brookhaven,… 
which in FACT commenced on the date Kennedy’s plane met it’s end. (The 
actual times of the experiments conducted that day were kept strictly secret.) 

Some investigators have pointed to the synchronicity of the experiments 
at Brookhaven and the destruction of Kennedy’s plane as indicating a 
link; speculating that perhaps the RHIC collider was somehow utilized as 
a particle beam or particle beam laser weapon. Considering the 
extraordinary degree of speculation involved in the official tales of 
how JFK Jr., wife and sister-in-law met their end, such speculation 
about the RHIC seems at least reasonable to consider. 

Interestingly, reports have surfaced that Kennedy HAD in fact filed a 
flight plan for his ill-fated trip, which in fact would have taken him 
more or less right over Long Island, Brookhaven Labs and then Montauk. 
REMEMBER all the early news reports which described his route in that 
exact way? Remember the emergency beacon, later said to have been a 
“false alarm”, which triggered a Coast Guard search for the missing 
plane some miles east of MONTAUK? 

The possibility exists that Kennedy deliberately altered his expected 
route due to some tipoff or to some other knowledge that such a route 
might be dangerous to his health (perhaps even related to the RHIC 
activation at Brookhaven). We at NewsHawk know for a fact that Kennedy 
was aware of the existence of the Montauk Project and experiments 
allegedly conducted there; due to the fact our agent handed a copy of 
our report on the Montauk Project operations directly to Kennedy at 
George magazine offices in May 1998. 

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc. 

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