The Dangers of Wi-Fi to Women and Children- An Interview with Barrie Trower

This website is dedicated to helping others who are questioning if wireless internet, or WiFi may cause adverse health effects particularly for teachers and students in the classroom.

WiFi emits RF radiofrequency microwave radiation, and both wireless routers and wireless computers contain transmitters that send information back and forth through the air. Microwave radiation is able to penetrate walls made of wood, metal, and concrete. It can also penetrate our bodies.

For someone first approaching this subject, it is important to know that there are 1000’s of peer-reviewed, published studies, many by the military, that have found biological effects from RF radiation. The public is unaware of the depth of this research that has been going on for at least 80 years.

We are told that the jury is out, that there is no conclusive evidence that RF causes harm, but that more research is needed.The science tells a different story. For example, all long-term (over 10 years), case-control studies on cell phones have found an increased risk of cancer. Scandinavian studies show that children are most at risk, with over 500% increased risk.

It is generally assumed that WiFi emits less radiation than cell phones. Actually WiFi emits levels of radiation that are higher than levels shown in scientific studies to cause adverse health effects. WiFi can emit the same amount of radiation as cell phones. iPads in particular emit very high levels. Consider the duration, or length of time that these devices are being used compared to cell phones ten years ago.

Children are much more vulnerable to RF microwave radiation due to their thinner skulls, undeveloped immune sytems, rapidly dividing cells, and higher water content.How many studies does it take to show that RF microwave radiation is unsafe for children?If WiFi is said to be safe, but that hypothesis is disproven by just one study showing adverse effects. That’s how science works. But again, there are actually 1000’s of studies showing effects, some reporting correlations, and many reporting causal evidence. The truth can be inconvient, but it’s still the truth.None of this will create a change in policy though. Schools won’t look at the research, won’t give it consideration, and certainly won’t make any changes without sufficient public pressure. It takes parents educating themselves and getting together.


SAR chart for Wi-Fi Laptops
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WiFi emits RF radiofrequency microwave radiation that allows information to be transmittted back and forth between the computers and the router or modem through the air. The specific frequency that WiFi uses is 2.4 GHz, or 2.4 billion cycles per second. This is the exact same frequency as a microwave oven. Of all the frequencies to use, this is one of the most harmful.

Only minute levels of microwave radiation exist naturally, because the atmosphere blocks it from reaching the earth. Levels of RF microwave radiation have exploded in recent years with the advent of cellular technology and WiFi.

WiFi is extremely convenient, and as a result, we tend to overlook the possible disadvantages. We’ve heard about conflicting studies on cell phones, but not much about WiFi. WiFi emits very similar radiation, and is used for much greater lengths of time. Exposure levels surpass anything that has been studied thus far. If we compare this to long-term case control cell phone studies, all of which have found increased cancer risks, WiFi represents a much greater risk. This is a biological experiment that we are carrying out, and the children are the guinea pigs.
Many have the impression that the science on RF radiofrequency radiation is inconclusive and that we need more research in order to know for sure if there are any harmful effects. It is suprising to find out just how much research exists. There are actually 1000’s of studies that go back at least to the 1920’s that show bioeffects from RF radiation. There is more than enough evidence to take precautionary action and to protect our children and teachers from potential harm from unnecessary RF radiation exposure.
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The main reason why the official word is that WiFi is safe is that it emits lower levels of radiation than the FCC exposure guidelines. This is true, however the FCC guidelines are placed at levels so high that they don’t offer protection from many adverse effects. They are purely based on thermal effects, meaning how much radiation it would take for your body to start to cook. They do not take into consideration any of the 1000’s of studies that have found bioeffects at much lower levels. To give you an example of how high they have been set, you could have a source of radiation 1000’s of times higher than a cell phone tower inside a school and it would still be ok with the FCC.

There is ongoing research taking place on RF radiation, but much of it is industry-funded, leaving the possiblity for conflict of interest. There is next to no research on RF taking place in the United States, despite how fast wireless technologies are expanding. The EPA used to have world-class laboratories dedicated to studying RF, but these were defunded right about the same time as cell phones came out in the 1990’s.The mainstream media tells us that the jury is still out with the on cell phones and other devices and that we need more time and research. This leads to the million dollar question: Do you think that an industry this powerful is going to fund research that finds its products harmful? We’re going to be waiting for a long time if we expect all the research to agree.
IARC/The World Health Organization Classifies RF Electromagnetic Fields
As Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans

In 2011, 31 scientists from 14 countries met in Lyons, France to review the science of RF. As a result, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the World Health Organization classified RF Radiofrequency as a class 2B possible human carcinogen. RF is now in the same category as lead paint, exhaust fumes, and DDT. Link. All substances are first classified as possible 2B carcinogens.This IARC classification is not limited to cell phones, but applies to all sources of RF radiation. Within the educational video section is a interview with IARC in which they make this clear.
Some Have Immediate Adverse Reactions to RF

For a certain portion of the population wireless devices and RF radiation cause immediate adverse health effects. It’s estimated that between 5% and 10% of the population suffer from electro-hyper-sensitivity syndrome or EHS. This percentage of the population with EHS appears to be growing and at this rate of growth is predicted to reach 50% of the population by 2017.

Given this, within each school is a number students who are experiencing adverse reactions to WiFi, and whose health is at risk.

Despite it’s wide adoption by schools, very little research has been conducted on WiFi, and certainly no long-term studies have ever been performed on children to show it to be safe. There have been 1000s of studies conducted over the last 80 years on radiofrequency radiation that have found bioeffects, and some very clear examples of causal evidence that RF radiation is a clear health risk, especially to children.

Of the few studies that exist, one was recently published in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility that found exposure to WiFi laptops damaged DNA and the reproductive system in as little as 4 hours.

Although this was a preliminary study, and long-term research is needed, there are many studies before it that found RF microwave radiation does genetic damage. Here is a report that shows this in detail.

Scientist Dr. Phillips Describes Industry Attempts
to Suppress DNA Damage Research
See other video presentations on DNA damage on the educational videos page

Although there are few studies on WiFi, there are many on cell phones, cell phone towers, and general RF radiofrequency radiation. RF radiation has been found to increase the risk of cancer, disrupt melatonin, effect thryoid function, cause leakage of the blood brain barrier, decreased cognitive function, and a long list of many other bioeffects.

Most of us aren’t aware that every long-term case-control cell phone study has found an increased risk of cancer. Research has also shown that children absorb more radiation than adults, leading to significantly increased cancer rates for those who started using a cell phone before the age of 20.
Cell Phone Towers
In many schools, the radiation from WiFi is very similar to that of cell phone towers, in that it is chronic full body exposure of microwave radiation. Measurements in several schools have found that the levels of radiation are actually higher in a classroom with WiFi than they would be right next to a cell phone tower.


Cell Phone Towers

In many schools, the radiation from WiFi is very similar to that of cell phone towers, in that it is chronic full body exposure of microwave radiation. Measurements in several schools have found that the levels of radiation are actually higher in a classroom with WiFi than they would be right next to a cell phone tower.

Cell Tower Studies:Dode
Studies ranked by radiation power density, and compared to Wi-Fi,
and with % of FCC guidelines
Scientific ResourcesGetting Started:Here are the basic reports that are recommended as introductory information:

1. Public Health Implications of Wireless Technologies. Here.

2. The Seletun Panel on Electromagnetic Field Health Risks Report. 2010. Here

3. View the overall lists of studies. is one site, here is another.

4. View the educational videos section of this site.

5. If you then wish to read individual studies, some can be found online in PDF format. Citizens for Safe Technology provides access to some studies, as well as alot of other useful information.

6. One of the best resources is the BioInitiative Report from 2007. This is a meta-analysis that concluded significant steps needed to be taken to protect the public from rapidly increasing levels of electromagnetic radiation. This didn’t go over too well with the industry, and they did what they could to discedit it.

This chart below looks at the radiation emitted from an elementary school classroom in Vermont. The light blue boxes represent exposure sources. The higher up the chart you go, the higher the levels of radiation. The WiFi laptops emitted the same amount of radiation as what has been shown to cause double strand DNA breaks and leakage of the blood brain barrier, both very serious adverse biological effects. All the red boxes are adverse effects. Many of these occur at lower radiation levels that the laptops.
Leakage of the Blood Brain Barrier
If you look off to the right of the WiFi laptops in this chart, you’ll see leakage of the blood brain barrier. This is a very concerning biological effect that has been demonstrated over and over again in studies in various laboratories around the world. These studies show clear damage to the brain from exposure to RF radiation at levels lower than WiFi laptops, and in as short of time as 2 hours of exposure.

Video Presentation on Leakage of the Blood Brain Barrier
from RF Microwave Radiation


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