Sneering MSNBC Anchor: “I’m Way Too Lazy” To Research Bilderberg & WHY COPS FEAR-SHTF 2 _SHOOT a COP=With-a-Camera

Sneering MSNBC Anchor: “I’m Way Too Lazy” To Research Bilderberg & WHY COPS FEAR-SHTF 2 _SHOOT a COP=With-a-Camera




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Bilderberg Meeting is Illegal

Sneering MSNBC Anchor: “I’m Way Too Lazy” To Research Bilderberg

Bilderberg 2012: The Official List of Participants

Social Media ‘Young Turk’ Takes Steering Role at Bilderberg 2012

Washington Times Breaks U.S. Media Blackout On Bilderberg

Security tighter than ever for power players

Bilderberg 2012: Secretive summit kicks-off in Virginia

Wildrose leader Danielle Smith attacks premier’s attendance at Bilderberg conference

EU Titans To Address Euro Crisis At Bilderberg

Occupy Bilderberg 2012 Song

Jim Tucker: Bilderberg = Global Mafia 

Greens Demand Bilderberg Confab Be Made Public

Bilderberg Has Alex Jones Thrown Out of Marriott Hotel

Bilderberg Has Alex Jones Thrown Out of Marriott Hotel

Bilderberg Launches Unprecedented Security Crackdown

First Dedicated Program Exposing Bilderberg Airs on Britain’s SKY TV

Agenda 21 To Be Discussed at Bilderberg Confab

Confirmed: Westfield Marriott Kicks Out ALL Guests 2 Days Ahead of Bilderberg

Alex Jones Banned From Bilderberg Hotel, Calls For Press Mob

Bilderberg Concerned Over Mass Protests

The globalists and their minions are gathering in Chantilly, Virginia, for the Bilderberg confab ahead of the U.S. election. The Infowars team has taken to the road and is now in Virginia. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest news and information about the moves of the elite and their plans as revealed to us by trusted inside sources. During the event, stay tuned to Bookmark this page for ongoing reportage.

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Bilderberg Concerned Over Mass Protests

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Bilderberg Meeting is Illegal
Kurt Nimmo | Every U.S. citizen at the Bilderberg conclave is committing a felony.

Sneering MSNBC Anchor: “I’m Way Too Lazy” To Research Bilderberg
Steve Watson | Is it any wonder global elite confab avoids media scrutiny?

Bilderberg 2012: The Official List of Participants | In the past, moles inside the organization would release the secretive list to journalists.

Social Media ‘Young Turk’ Takes Steering Role at Bilderberg 2012 | Patrick Henningsen and Charlie Skelton take a deeper look into Bilderberg’s new guard emerging this year in Chantilly.

Washington Times Breaks U.S. Media Blackout On Bilderberg
Paul Joseph Watson | Washington Post fails to mention the fact that dozens of hugely influential power brokers are meeting in their own back yard.

Why Does The Mainstream Media Ignore The Bilderberg Group?
The American Dream | Over the next several days, more than a hundred of the most powerful people on the planet will attend a secret conference at a hotel in Chantilly, Virgina.

Security tighter than ever for power players
The Washington Times | Chantilly’s Westfields Marriott hotel is the site of an “unprecedented” security crackdown as the world’s richest and most powerful arrive for the annual Bilderberg conference.

Bilderberg 2012: Secretive summit kicks-off in Virginia
RT | For a little over 50 years, an elite organization has met all around the world in total secrecy with nearly zero press coverage.

Wildrose leader Danielle Smith attacks premier’s attendance at Bilderberg conference
EDMONTON JOURNAL | Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith attacked Premier Alison Redford on Wednesday for attending the elite Bilderberg conference.

Source: Bilderberg Planning Fake Bomb Threat
Paul Joseph Watson | Excuse sought to widen security perimeter.

EU Titans To Address Euro Crisis At Bilderberg
Paul Joseph Watson
| Globalists fear Greek exit could torpedo single currency.

Occupy Bilderberg 2012 Song | Hip-hop against the Bilderbergers and the New World Order.

Jim Tucker: Bilderberg = Global Mafia
Infowars | An exclusive interview with legendary Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker who has reported on the secret Bilderberg meetings since 1975.

Greens Demand Bilderberg Confab Be Made Public
Kurt Nimmo | Green Party Congressional Candidate says many now wise to the globalist confab.

Bilderberg Has Alex Jones Thrown Out of Marriott Hotel | Westfields Marriott manager officially kicks Alex and crew out of the property after previously canceling reservations and closing the hotel early.

Bilderberg Launches Unprecedented Security Crackdown
Paul Joseph Watson | Talk of machine guns & surveillance spooks hotel guests.

First Dedicated Program Exposing Bilderberg Airs on Britain’s SKY TV | journalist Patrick Henningsen hosts Charlie Skelton discussing Bilderberg on UK television.

Agenda 21 To Be Discussed at Bilderberg Confab
Paul Joseph Watson | Global warming alarmist Redford to attend elite conference.

Confirmed: Westfield Marriott Kicks Out ALL Guests 2 Days Ahead of Bilderberg
Infowars | Previous reservations no longer honored as Bilderberg hotel vacated in alarm over mounting protests.

Alex Jones Banned From Bilderberg Hotel, Calls For Press Mob
Paul Joseph Watson | Media not welcome at site of power brokers’ confab.

Editor’s note: The Bilderbergers now post the participant list on their “official” website. In the past, moles inside the organization would release the secretive list to journalists, most notably Jim Tucker of the American Free Press.

Bilderberg Meetings

Chantilly, Virginia, USA, 31 May-3 June 2012

Final List of Participants


FRACastries, Henri deChairman and CEO, AXA Group
DEUAckermann, JosefChairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank AG
GBRAgius, MarcusChairman, Barclays plc
USAAjami, FouadSenior Fellow, The Hoover Institution, Stanford University
USAAlexander, Keith B.Commander, US Cyber Command; Director, National Security Agency
INTAlmunia, JoaquínVice-President – Commissioner for Competition, European Commission
USAAltman, Roger C.Chairman, Evercore Partners
PRTAmado, LuísChairman, Banco Internacional do Funchal (BANIF)
NORAndresen, Johan H.Owner and CEO, FERD
FINApunen, MattiDirector, Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA
TURBabacan, AliDeputy Prime Minister for Economic and Financial Affairs
PRTBalsemão, Francisco PintoPresident and CEO, Impresa; Former Prime Minister
FRABaverez, NicolasPartner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
FRABéchu, ChristopheSenator, and Chairman, General Council of Maine-et-Loire
BELBelgium, H.R.H. Prince Philippe of
TURBerberoğlu, EnisEditor-in-Chief, Hürriyet Newspaper
ITABernabè, FrancoChairman and CEO, Telecom Italia
GBRBoles, NickMember of Parliament
SWEBonnier, JonasPresident and CEO, Bonnier AB
NORBrandtzæg, Svein RichardPresident and CEO, Norsk Hydro ASA
AUTBronner, OscarPublisher, Der Standard Medienwelt
SWECarlsson, GunillaMinister for International Development Cooperation
CANCarney, Mark J.Governor, Bank of Canada
ESPCebrián, Juan LuisCEO, PRISA; Chairman, El País
AUTCernko, WillibaldCEO, UniCredit Bank Austria AG
FRAChalendar, Pierre André deChairman and CEO, Saint-Gobain
DNKChristiansen, JeppeCEO, Maj Invest
CANClark, W. EdmundGroup President and CEO, TD Bank Group
GBRClarke, KennethMember of Parliament, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of Justice
USACollins, Timothy C.CEO and Senior Managing Director, Ripplewood Holdings, LLC
ITAConti, FulvioCEO and General Manager, Enel S.p.A.
USADaniels, Jr., Mitchell E.Governor of Indiana
USADeMuth, ChristopherDistinguished Fellow, Hudson Institute
USADonilon, Thomas E.National Security Advisor, The White House
GBRDudley, RobertGroup Chief Executive, BP plc
ITAElkann, JohnChairman, Fiat S.p.A.
DEUEnders, ThomasCEO, Airbus
USAEvans, J. MichaelVice Chairman, Global Head of Growth Markets, Goldman Sachs & Co.
AUTFaymann, WernerFederal Chancellor
DNKFederspiel, UlrikExecutive Vice President, Haldor Topsøe A/S
USAFerguson, NiallLaurence A. Tisch Professor of History, Harvard University
GBRFlint, Douglas J.Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings plc
CHNFu, YingVice Minister of Foreign Affairs
IRLGallagher, PaulFormer Attorney General; Senior Counsel
USAGephardt, Richard A.President and CEO, Gephardt Group
GRCGiannitsis, AnastasiosFormer Minister of Interior; Professor of Development and International Economics, University of Athens
USAGoolsbee, Austan D.Professor of Economics, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
USAGraham, Donald E.Chairman and CEO, The Washington Post Company
ITAGruber, LilliJournalist – Anchorwoman, La 7 TV
INTGucht, Karel deCommissioner for Trade, European Commission
NLDHalberstadt, VictorProfessor of Economics, Leiden University; Former Honorary Secretary  General of Bilderberg Meetings
USAHarris, BrittCIO, Teacher Retirement System of Texas
USAHoffman, ReidCo-founder and Executive Chairman, LinkedIn
CHNHuang, YipingProfessor of Economics, China Center for Economic Research, Peking University
USAHuntsman, Jr., Jon M.Chairman, Huntsman Cancer Foundation
DEUIschinger, WolfgangChairman, Munich Security Conference; Global Head Government Relations, Allianz SE
RUSIvanov, Igor S.Associate member, Russian Academy of Science; President, Russian International Affairs Council
FRAIzraelewicz, ErikCEO, Le Monde
USAJacobs, Kenneth M.Chairman and CEO, Lazard
USAJohnson, James A.Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC
USAJordan, Jr., Vernon E.Senior Managing Director, Lazard
USAKarp, AlexanderCEO, Palantir Technologies
USAKarsner, AlexanderExecutive Chairman, Manifest Energy, Inc
FRAKarvar, AnoushehInspector, Inter-ministerial Audit and Evaluation Office for Social, Health, Employment and Labor Policies
RUSKasparov, GarryChairman, United Civil Front (of Russia)
GBRKerr, JohnIndependent Member, House of Lords
USAKerry, JohnSenator for Massachusetts
TURKeyman, E. FuatDirector, Istanbul Policy Center and Professor of International Relations, Sabanci University
USAKissinger, Henry A.Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.
USAKleinfeld, KlausChairman and CEO, Alcoa
TURKoç, MustafaChairman, Koç Holding A.Ş.
DEUKoch, RolandCEO, Bilfinger Berger SE
INTKodmani, BassmaMember of the Executive Bureau and Head of Foreign Affairs, Syrian National Council
USAKravis, Henry R.Co-Chairman and Co-CEO, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
USAKravis, Marie-JoséeSenior Fellow, Hudson Institute
INTKroes, NeelieVice President, European Commission; Commissioner for Digital Agenda
USAKrupp, FredPresident, Environmental Defense Fund
INTLamy, PascalDirector-General, World Trade Organization
ITALetta, EnricoDeputy Leader, Democratic Party (PD)
ISRLevite, Ariel E.Nonresident Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
USALi, ChengDirector of Research and Senior Fellow, John L. Thornton China Center, Brookings Institution
USALipsky, JohnDistinguished Visiting Scholar, Johns Hopkins University
USALiveris, Andrew N.President, Chairman and CEO, The Dow Chemical Company
DEULöscher, PeterPresident and CEO, Siemens AG
USALynn, William J.Chairman and CEO, DRS Technologies, Inc.
GBRMandelson, PeterMember, House of Lords; Chairman, Global Counsel
USAMathews, Jessica T.President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
DENMchangama, JacobDirector of Legal Affairs, Center for Political Studies (CEPOS)
CANMcKenna, FrankDeputy Chair, TD Bank Group
USAMehlman, Kenneth B.Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
GBRMicklethwait, JohnEditor-in-Chief, The Economist
FRAMontbrial, Thierry dePresident, French Institute for International Relations
PRTMoreira da Silva, JorgeFirst Vice-President, Partido Social Democrata (PSD)
USAMundie, Craig J.Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft Corporation
DEUNass, MatthiasChief International Correspondent, Die Zeit
NLDNetherlands, H.M. the Queen of the
ESPNin Génova, Juan MaríaDeputy Chairman and CEO, Caixabank
IRLNoonan, MichaelMinister for Finance
USANoonan, PeggyAuthor, Columnist, The Wall Street Journal
FINOllila, JormaChairman, Royal Dutch Shell, plc
USAOrszag, Peter R.Vice Chairman, Citigroup
GRCPapalexopoulos, DimitriManaging Director, Titan Cement Co.
NLDPechtold, AlexanderParliamentary Leader, Democrats ’66 (D66)
USAPerle, Richard N.Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute
NLDPolman, PaulCEO, Unilever PLC
CANPrichard, J. Robert S.Chair, Torys LLP
ISRRabinovich, ItamarGlobal Distinguished Professor, New York University
GBRRachman, GideonChief Foreign Affairs Commentator, The Financial Times
USARattner, StevenChairman, Willett Advisors LLC
CANRedford, Alison M.Premier of Alberta
CANReisman, Heather M.CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc.
DEUReitzle, WolfgangCEO & President, Linde AG
USARogoff, Kenneth S.Professor of Economics, Harvard University
USARose, CharlieExecutive Editor and Anchor, Charlie Rose
USARoss, Dennis B.Counselor, Washington Institute for Near East Policy
POLRostowski, JacekMinister of Finance
USARubin, Robert E.Co-Chair, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Secretary of the Treasury
NLDRutte, MarkPrime Minister
ESPSáenz de Santamaría Antón, SorayaVice President and Minister for the Presidency
NLDScheffer, PaulProfessor of European Studies, Tilburg University
USASchmidt, Eric E.Executive Chairman, Google Inc.
AUTScholten, RudolfMember of the Board of Executive Directors, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG
FRASenard, Jean-DominiqueCEO, Michelin Group
USAShambaugh, DavidDirector, China Policy Program, George Washington University
INTSheeran, JosetteVice Chairman, World Economic Forum
FINSiilasmaa, RistoChairman of the Board of Directors, Nokia Corporation
USASpeyer, Jerry I.Chairman and Co-CEO, Tishman Speyer
CHESupino, PietroChairman and Publisher, Tamedia AG
IRLSutherland, Peter D.Chairman, Goldman Sachs International
USAThiel, Peter A.President, Clarium Capital / Thiel Capital
TURTimuray, SerpilCEO, Vodafone Turkey
DEUTrittin, JürgenParliamentary Leader, Alliance 90/The Greens
GRCTsoukalis, LoukasPresident, Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy
FINUrpilainen, JuttaMinister of Finance
CHEVasella, Daniel L.Chairman, Novartis AG
INTVimont, PierreExecutive Secretary General, European External Action Service
GBRVoser, PeterCEO, Royal Dutch Shell plc
SWEWallenberg, JacobChairman, Investor AB
USAWarsh, KevinDistinguished Visiting Fellow, The Hoover Institution, Stanford University
GBRWolf, Martin H.Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times
USAWolfensohn, James D.Chairman and CEO, Wolfensohn and Company
CANWright, Nigel S.Chief of Staff, Office of the Prime Minister
USAYergin, DanielChairman, IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates
INTZoellick, Robert B.President, The World Bank Group
GBRBredow, Vendeline vonBusiness Correspondent, The Economist
GBRWooldridge, Adrian D.Foreign Correspondent, The Economist
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