RED ALERT TRUTH COMMUNITY HAS BEEN INFILTRATED BY Suspicious0bservers, aka Benjamin Davidson



Suspicious0bservers, aka Benjamin Davidson, needs to correct this out of control situation.

He issued a video falsely accusing me (dutchsinse) of THREATENING HIS FAMILY, and saying I threatened to release his information !! This is not true. No threats were made, and NO information was released. No address released, no name released, and no family info released.

Read the whole message here, or ask suspicous0bservers for a copy yourself :


After suspicious0bservers made his false accusation video — his viewers believed him — even though he showed no proof of his accusations !! He did not show the above message. Why?!

The “0bservers” went nuts in response to this e-riot inducing accusation.

First they had my main channel deleted — 3 years of work .. 700+ videos.. NOTHING objectionable in my videos — done by false flagging my videos via a campaign led from the “0bservers” — promoted on Suspicious0bservers channel.

Delete my videos because you don’t like a private message I sent to suspicious0bservers? What kind of kangaroo court , mob of imbeciles are we dealing with?!


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You have to ask yourself, why would a Person ask for donations from truthers when it appears that their own company makes Millions annually? Also, to accuse Dutchsinse of all of those threats against himself and his family without a shred of Evidence!

It makes one wonder if Dutchsinse was purposely pushed out of the way to Influence even more people to believing whatever you want, without some sort of verification.

Where is Ben?

Here’s Ben, In The Cache…

Here Is Ben’s Pic To From Cache…

E3 LLC Zoominfo!search/prof…

Look At The Bottom Right Hand Side Of Page To See E3Media

E3Media Facebook…

E3Media Youtube…

E3Media Twitter

SuspiciousObservers Youtube Page…

His Dad’s Response To His Allogations That Ben Accused Dutchsinse Of…

wow , really?

Suspicious0bservers donations go to a hollywood media company?

Whats this “levine davidson film company” ? They made the million dollar budget movie “Boy Toy” in 2011…

Wait a second… suspicious0bservers sister is a hollywood actress? wow !

She starred in “Boy Toy” .. which was produced by the guy who owns the Suspicous0bservers trademark !! OMG!

So it appears suspicious0bservers father is a Hollywood Movie producer.. and his sister is a Hollywood Movie actress.

If you give a donation, it goes to KAHB LLC ! Wow ! Doesn’t that mean it goes to a hollywood production company?!!

Suspicious0bservers trademark goes directly to KAHB.. which means they OWN s0 technically.

The Dutchsinse Effect

Hello all  – I think the recent situation with Dutchsinse has gotten out of hand and deserves my attention since now it involves MY company E3. There’s just so much bullshit I don’t even know where to start – so Ill just start and see where it goes…

It seems that over the years S0 has been doing his news channel he has held a view that Dutchsinse did not agree with, something about HAARP or whatever – I’m honestly not really sure. Apparently they would go back and forth about this calling each other names, etc. but that was pretty much it. They held different opinions on some issues related to weather and what not but they kept their argument more or less isolated to one another.

That all changed whenever Dutchsinse and his gang looked up S0′s personal information online. They uncovered a number of wholly personal facts about him, including:

  • his name
  • his address
  • his wedding album
  • his father’s name and occupation
  • his sister’s name and occupation

And a number of other things – things that are completely and utterly NONE of his business.  He then private messaged S0 saying that he had found this information and “threatened to release it to the public.”  S0 decided to do it first to disarm this weird obsessive hatred Dutchsinse has for him.  Doing this confirmed that S0 is who Dutchsinse thought he was and the supposition and fraudulent connections continued.  Dutchsinse has gone as far as to say S0 and I are some sort of NWO agency out to manipulate the public with emotionally engineered content per the whim of the US Army.  Well besides that just being frigging ridiculous – I’ve started to receive numerous hate emails and phone calls to my private residence and business.  My parent’s have as well.  So now, I’d like to set the record straight here.

E3 is a company Ben and I started right out of college.  I’ve always been very interested in web design and web development and I had done freelance work as such for a very long time.  We thought that together we could create more of a business around it rather than just me doing freelance all the time.  It worked out OK for a while, but, as life happens, Ben decided to move to Ohio to pursue his own personal and professional goals.  He gave up his share to me and moved out of state.  Over the years I’ve built the company up on my own, bringing on two other partners, and a number of clients.

Let me just reiterate this here.  E3 began as a two person business.  It is now a three person business.  Ben has no interest in it all.  No ownership, no connection, nothing.

As S0′s channel became more popular, Ben asked me how he could pursue his passion in the long term, ie. how could he support himself and his family with it.  I recommended that I build a website for him in a way that would earn a modest income – behold, where premium content would be available to those who wanted it, and may, just may, earn enough of an income that he could leave his job and just do S0 full time.

So that is pretty much it.  Yes, I am a web designer.  Yes, I started a company with Ben a long time ago.  No, Ben has had no connection nor ownership in E3 since he moved out of town.  There is no huge conspiracy.  It’s a story of two friends trying to work for themselves – that’s it.  I offered to setup a website for him and it was only naturally that I would add it to MY business portfolio.  But that was not enough for Dutchsinse, he has now argued a number of other things, including:

E3 is a multimillion dollar company that “makes videos viral for 10 bucks”,  with ties to the US Army and since Ben helped found it years and years ago, Ben therefore is a millionaire.

OK, lets break this accusation down here.  First, E3 is NOT a multimillion dollar company (trust me I wish it was).  Frankly, I don’t think it’s anybody’s business, but the truth is the company is very small and just scrapes by.  Dutchsinse uses as evidence a website he found stating that E3 makes 1-5 million dollars and employees 10-20 people.  You can go ahead and Google our office location:

6014 Penn Avenue, Suite 201, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

And see it is quite obvious we don’t make millions of dollars.  We work out of a shared collaborative work space for start-ups and small businesses.  The figures he refers to are populated by a service known as Dun & Bradstreet.  This is a service in which you register your business with for credit reporting services and their lowest profile setting for small businesses is 1-5 million dollars.  It is not an accurate representation of the true income of the company.  Far from it.  It is just their default lowest option one can pick when registering their business with the credit reporting services.

Dutchsinse also claims that E3 makes “any video viral for ten bucks” by referring to a blog post on the E3 website.  Here is the blog post he talks about:


As anyone can clearly see it is a REVIEW of another company named VIROOL and THEIR claim that they can make videos viral – not E3′s.  Again, classic Dutchsinse = convoluted truth to make himself feel important and victimized (but more on that later).

He then argues that E3 works with the US Army.  This again is an incorrect supposition.  In Pittsburgh, there is a service known as the Government Agency Coordination Office (GACO), PTAC.  This is a nonprofit organization which tries to help small businesses grow by sending their information to government agencies looking for work.

So, for example, E3 is a web and video design shop, GACO will send the company’s information to these government agencies as a bid for the work.  There is nothing “conspiratorial” about it.  Thousands of small businesses are members of GACO organizations all over the United States.  It is a common business practice.  We in fact have never won a government bid and have never done any work for the government.  What Dutchsinse has found is from the FedBizOpps website (Federal Business Opportunities), which just lists the referrals made by GACO to various government agencies on behalf of small businesses, minority owned businesses, and women owned businesses, in the effort to get them work and help them compete with the mega corporations that more often than not get these big, juicy government contracts.  Also, laughably, the work to be done for the US Army was time lapse photography – nothing too particularly inflammatory about that.  You can see the listing here:

You will see that the opportunity is set aside for “small businesses”.

Furthermore, Ben has not had any ownership, interest, or involvement with E3 since he moved away years ago.  He is not involved with the company in any way except that he offered that E3 (me) build his website.  That’s it.  Real scary huh?

Dutchsinse also claims that S0′s efforts to collect donations is evidence of So’s insincerity

Well – here’s a link to Dutchsinse’s FundRazr campaign where he did the exact same thing:

Well – here’s a link to tatoott1009 FundRazr campaign where he did the exact same thing:

Pretty low of him to take such a “noble” stance against donations when he in fact does the same thing…

Not only that, but Ben is NOT a millionaire and neither is the E3 company that Dutchsinse is so happy to attack.  E3 is just a little design shop and Ben has no connection with it anymore.  Furthermore, IF Ben WAS a millionaire , would you really think he would need to ask for donations or even work a job?  No, he would just do what he loves full time.  AND he would not bother with opening himself up to controversy by asking for donations if they were not necessary.  Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but the donations and premium memberships do not even make enough to support one person with a livable wage, let alone be the hallmark effort of some NWO sponsored plan to take over the “truth movement”.  What a joke.

Dutchsine claims that Ben’s “jewish zionist Illumaniti” connections got Dutchsinse’s YouTube channel kicked offline

Not only is this a racist thing to say but this claim is also susceptible to common sense.  Dutch, Tatoot and numerous others sent private messages to Ben about disclosing his personal information to the world.  Then, Dutchsinse released numerous videos on his own channel and on his affiliated channels, actually releasing that information.  Many of these videos made wildly inappropriate claims about Ben and his family and their own personal business.  Accordingly, many of S0′s fans reported this activity to YouTube.  Per the YouTube Terms of Service:

This clearly states that YouTube does not care about whether the information you released was PRIVATE or not (as Dutchsinse claims since the information was found on the internet it therefore is public) but rather, whether the information was PERSONAL or not, which it clearly is.  THIS is why YouTube found Dutchsinse’s behavior inappropriate and banned his channel.  Again, it was not some Zionist conspiracy, it was just Dutchsinse behaving poorly and YouTube agreed that what he had done was a violation of their Terms of Service.  Period.  Gone.

I hope this clears up some of the misconceptions and down right fraudulent connections that Dutchsinse has been blasting the web with the last few weeks.  It is a shame his channel got kicked off but that was YouTube’s doing, not S0.  But now that E3 is being dragged into it, I’ve received strange blocked phone calls, numerous emails and comments claiming I’m some NWO harbinger – ENOUGH.

I would ask that people leave my business alone, and since I care very deeply about my small business, I will do everything in my power to protect it against slander and libel.  It is a dangerous game Dutchsinse is playing – especially when his fight with S0 spills over into unfounded attacks against my business.  I will be asking them to remove the videos they’ve made about E3 and if they refuse, will pursue the matter with YouTube and the courts.  There are a number of complaints I will be filing against any and all who are posting my personal information and making threatening comments, including:

  • slander
  • libel
  • tortuous interference with a business
  • unfair and deceptive trade practices
  • harassment
  • and everything else I can think of

I will reserve the right to use any and all means to defend my business and my personal self.  I ask that the YouTube community at large leaves my small business and my personal life alone and isolate their arguments to the actual parties involved.  For all those who have called from blocked numbers, sent me emails, and/or messages on various social media outlets, your information is being added to the police report filed today on an ongoing basis.  Additionally, I will be filing civil, federal cyber-crime, and private criminal actions on behalf of both my personal self and E3 for those of you have contacted me or have been posting my personal information alongside slanderous and fraudulent accusations.  For those of you who deleted videos regarding my personal information when I asked, I will not include you in my legal and police actions.

They got me AGAIN this morning ! As if deleting my channel wasn’t enough, the “0bservers” start attacking my backup channel ! An out of control mob , incited to attack by false accusations from Suspicious0bservers.

Flagging my video explaining it all yesterday:


The Mobile Observatory Project GOVERNMENT…

Suspicious0bservers, aka Benjamin Davidson, needs to correct this out of control situation.

He issued a video falsely accusing me (dutchsinse) of THREATENING HIS FAMILY, and saying I threatened to release his information !! This is not true. No threats were made, and NO information was released. No address released, no name released, and no family info released.

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My Dad’s Response

Personally, I don’t think this information is any of anyone’s business, but since my family has now been attacked and accused, I asked my dad to make a statement to clear this up. All this is checkable by YOU, just like the rest of the information you have heard. I am proud of him, my mother – who is an art teacher, and my sister.

-Begin Letter-

Dear Dutchinsense and whomever else cares to read this:

This is Charles Davidson, Ben Davidson’s father. I do not know what kind of alternative reality you are living in that you’ve drawn all these conclusions from partial bits of information that you’ve gleaned over the Internet, but at the request of Ben, I’m going to set the record straight for all of you.

With respect to all the companies to which you have made reference in your video, if you did any due diligence then you know that I am an attorney by training. Although i do not practice full time anymore, like most attorneys, I have clients that request that I set up companies for them and serve as the registered agent. The overwhelming majority of the companies that you show in your video are companies that I’ve established for clients. None of these are large companies. They are all relatively small Mom and Pop businesses. When those clients went out of business or sold their companies they were either dissolved or became inactive.

When Ben decided a few months ago that he wanted to leave his job and be dedicated full-time to his activities on the Internet as S0, as parents my wife and I were both concerned and worried if it was even possible to make a living. As a lawyer I recommended to him the form a company to do all of this, because there are so many copyright issues in doing what both of you do that i was concerned about someone suing him one day if he even accidentally violated someone else’s copyright. He agreed, and that is why KAHB was created. Ben and his wife own it, and KAHB is going to be how Ben supports himself. It is a Florida corporation simply because Florida laws are conducive to easy formation and low taxation.

With respect to your allegations regarding Ben’s background, our family, Hollywood and films, you have taken a shred of truth and turned it into a complete fabrication. Here is the truth.

Ben grew up in the 1700 ft. home in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. We put an addition on the home when Ben was in high school to increase the size to 2500 ft. Although I am a lawyer by training, I ended up working for a healthcare company that processes benefits. Ben’s mother is a school teacher. We both still work full time. If that is the life of a multi millionaire Hollywood mogul, then the image that I have of Hollywood is completely wrong.

When Ben’s sister decided after college that she wanted to go to Hollywood and try to become an actress, we were not thrilled with the idea but were willing to support her for a time if that was what she wanted to do. When she had an opportunity to do a movie produced by Justin Levine and Stardust pictures, which had a budget of $240,000, I did help raise money for the film in the form of a loan, for which we took our a second mortgage on our home. Justin also contributed and the entity that made the loan was one that I created called Levine Davidson. That loan was only partially repaid and I personally lost $10,000 which is a significant sum of money. Again I am not a Hollywood mogul.

With respect to the comments about religion made on your channel we raised our children in the Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh. I do not know or want to know what all of the references are in these comments, but let it suffice to say they have nothing to do with my family.

Both my wife and I have been working hard our entire lives we have built a very comfortable life for ourselves. We stay in Hampton Inns when we travel, fly Southwest and rent from Thrifty. For some people that may make us rich and we appreciate that there are many people in the world who are less fortunate than us. That is why we tried to teach our children to work hard and try to believe in what they are doing, and with that philosophy that will be able to find success. That is precisely what our son has been doing, getting up at 4 o’clock in the morning, preparing these videos, and then going to work for eight hours, and then coming home and continuing to work on suspicious observers.

To be crystal clear, nobody ever gave my wife and me a penny, we have earned everything that we have made, and we are not ashamed of the life that we have built for ourselves, because we have lived truly what is the American dream.

I do not pretend to really understand scientifically everything that Ben has been doing with suspicious observers, or understand all the videos that he has posted on the YouTube channel. As a parent, for me it is simply nice to hear his voice on a daily basis, and I try to understand as I listen to the messages that he delivers.

That being said, I can assure you that there is no conspiracy, no plot, and frankly not even an understanding of what he is talking about half of the time. I am simply a father and a parent who worked my whole life to try to support my family, and do not appreciate comments that suggest that our lives have been different in any way.

One other note about Ben worth sharing. In third grade he was the victim of a horrific dog attack and almost was killed. Ever since that event Ben has shown an appreciation of life and a concern for other people. As far as my wife and I can see, Ben has turned an interest in how our sun affects the planet, our weather and climate into a quest for understanding what is happening to our planet, and sharing what he learns with other people. We know our son and we know his sincerity, and we understand that he is going to try to share the information that he is learning with the rest of the world. That is how all of this started, and it simply has grown to be such an overwhelming task, that he feels like he needs more than just a few hours in the morning to do something that he believes is good for the world.

Based on the nature of some of the comments I have seen in the last few hours, I’m sure something will be written in response to this that is negative, with some people will simply choose not to believe that there is not some giant conspiracy. What you chose to believe is obviously your choice, but everything here is reality.

As I have always told my children, be safe, be happy and be healthy.


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