ALL POINTS ALERT CERN LHC: Volcano ash covers Costa Rica towns

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A volcano has erupted in central Costa Rica, belching smoke and ash up to 3,000m (9,840ft) into the air.

Hundreds of people have gone to hospital, complaining of breathing difficulties and skin problems.

Some schools were shut and some flights into the country cancelled or diverted.

People in the capital San Jose, about 45km (30 miles) west of the Turrialba volcano, said layers of ash had coated buildings and cars and there was a fierce smell of sulphur.

Costa Rica’s National Emergencies Commission has advised people to wear masks and tight clothing to protect their lungs and skin.

Fronte lavico sopra Monte Nunziata

We share with pleasure the exceptional video of the lava front live, filmed by except longo (imaginary colleague of Monica de la cross), Alpine Guide and’s volcanological evolution, during the eruption of yesterday. ” someone asked yesterday what noise does a casting of lava. This is it, the sound ” says Monica.


“It seems to me to be the strongest (Turrialba) eruption in the past six years,” volcanologist Gino Gonzalez told reporters.

Costa Rica is home to dozens of volcanoes, but most of them are dormant.

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ALL POINTS ALERT CERN LHC: A large M6.8 earthquake has struck near Central America, Northern South America in Ecuador.

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