Oregon The Secret They Don't Want You To Know

Oregon The Secret They Don’t Want You To Know

Oregon The Secret They Don’t Want You To Know
BLM seems to have wanted the Hammond Ranch pretty darn bad but why? A corporation called Uranium One and a 1956 survey might just hold the answer!

Uranium One, a Canadian company mired in controversy over its proposed purchase by a Russian mining conglomerate, is divesting itself of its Colorado mining interests because of “all the politics and all the local sentiment” against uranium mining in the state, an executive told the Colorado Independent recently.

Prospects for a nuclear revival would start with mining uranium in Colorado.
“Nothing,” Uranium One vice president of conventional mining Norman Schwab said when asked what the company currently has going on in Colorado. “I had a lot of different properties in Colorado and we’re not into waiting for years for sentiment to change, so in terms of work in Colorado we’ve dropped the various properties and we’re focusing in Utah and Arizona and other states that are pro-mining. It’s as simple as that.”

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One of those more pro-mining Rocky Mountain states is neighboring Wyoming, where Uranium One is launching an in-situ mining project in the Powder River Basin. Republican lawmakers have objected to the purchase of Uranium One by Russian government-owned Atomredmetzoloto (ARMZ) for national security reasons.

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