CERN went into shutdown on August 31st… The same day as the global microwave pulse that we saw on the MIMIC-TPW ?!

Ironic that CERN went into shutdown on August 31st…

The same day as the global microwave pulse that we saw on the MIMIC-TPW ?!

See the microwave pulse from August 31st here:…/


CERN is nothing more than a giant microwave oven interior, complete with Klystrons providing power, magnetrons and waveguides shaped just like the interior of a microwave transmitter… on a much larger scale of course.

The shape of CERN resembles a loop antenna, and to top it off, they’re working on SCALAR effects on the Higgs Boson.

Producing a scalar using crossed collided beams powered by the same devices that power RADAR, and other microwave transmissions.

The interior shape of CERN really does appear to be a large copy of a microwave magnetron interior!…/…/984135174972240…


Notice the similarities between CERN and a microwave transmitter:

Picture 1: Microwave pulse seen over the globe (going down to NZ) on August 31st.

yellowstone idaho cernSPACEWAREFARE4

Picture 2: A diagram of a magnetron

yellowstone idaho cernSPACEWAREFARE5

Picture 3: Interior of CERN

yellowstone idaho cernSPACEWAREFARE6

Picture 4: Layout of CERN

yellowstone idaho cernSPACEWAREFARE7

Picture 5: Layout of a loop antenna

yellowstone idaho cernSPACEWAREFARE8

Picture 6: Layout of the interior of a magnetron for microwave generation

yellowstone idaho cernSPACEWAREFARE8

Picture 7: Layout of the interior of the whole CERN complex

yellowstone idaho cernSPACEWAREFARE9


Instead of sending a trillion watt microwave pulse out around the planet, the beams are contained in the large magnetrons waveguide, and then the beams are brought into intersection with one another, allowing for the particles in the beams to collide.

This is all done using the same Klystron Magnetron setup we might see (on a smaller scale) in a NEXRAD RADAR facility… but instead of colliding two beams in a controlled chamber regulated by magnetics, the NEXRAD RADAR pulses the microwave beams out into the atmosphere.

CERN is nothing more than a giant microwave transmitter which is transmitting INWARDS upon itself to generate a SCALAR force to rip apart matter in order to observe its different elements.


If CERN were a transmitter, we might expect to see a giant pulse like what we saw on August 31, 2015 (last week)….

Apparently a beam dump may indeed have occurred on August 31st.

If a powerful microwave beam dump occurred from CERN on August 31st, and we saw a large microwave distortion across the whole planet on the same day… I would say the two might indeed be related.


A few days ago (1st week of September 2015) a large microwave pulse anomaly was seen on the MIMIC-TPW microwave background composite imagery.

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