UFO FAKE over Yellowstone Supervolcano WOW REALLY ?


Apparently people don’t read anything, and comment half cocked… I’ve already said its a bug, in the description and title of this video.. What part of “UFO BUZZES” and “BUGGED OUT” do people not get???? lololol

If you’re here giving me a hard time …. why? You believe this is a UFO?

Several of my viewers contacted me regarding what many are saying is a possible “UFO” showing up on today’s webcam stream live from Old Faithful geyser at Yellowstone National Park. People saying it “Appeared live” on cam today, but saying they couldn’t find video of it is out there.

Well, here is the video…Posting this video to put an end to the rumors… I will agree , this does look like a disc shaped object. But of course you cannot rule out natural things like bugs or birds.

Are you having a Bill Clinton ‘how dare you’ moment over this?? 🙂…

Several people saying they “can’t find the footage” of it… this is because there are still images saved by the NPS.. .they have to be put together into a video like mine here.

Best view of this “thing” is from approximately 12:42pm to 12:44pm MST. This thing first appears at 9:39am MST for one frame.

All images come from public webcams available here:­­s.htm

The full set of original individual frames can be downloaded from the National Park Service cameras data clearinghouse:……

National Park Service page here:

I’m sure many will say this is either a bug, bird, drone, or airplane/helicopter.

I won’t rule a bug out, but if it was a bug on the camera , you would see legs, or wings on the insect as in other shots… most likely flying in FRONT of the camera, not landed on it.


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