9/11/2013 — Chicago RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” confirmation — Severe Storms golf ball sized Hail – Tat's Revolution 👍

9/11/2013 — Chicago RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” confirmation — Severe Storms golf ball sized Hail


On the afternoon of September 9, 2013 – a large RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” occurred out of Southwest Chicago, coming from their NEXRAD RADAR station at Romeoville, IL (KLOT).

48 hours after the pulsed “HAARP ring”, strong storms with golf ball sized hail formed directly at the pulse epicenter (SW Cook County Illinois).

video of the event from Sept. 9, 2013 here:


Here is a mashup screenshot of several different reflectivity options from this base station.Β  All showing the pulse as it occurred real time on September 9.

click to enlarge:

chicago haarp ring sept 9 2013 multiple views

Here is a direct link to the backdated feed from September 9, 2013 .. showing the pulse as we saw it (also the .gif is animated below the link):




Move forward 48 hours from the point of this pulse, to the afternoon of September 11, 2013, and we see severe weather, damaging winds, and large hail form DIRECTLY AT THE EPICENTER OF THE PULSE.Β 
Literally in Southwest Cook County — same location as the RADAR pulse center (the NEXRAD RADAR).

severe weather chicago sept 11 2013a1

The storm made the national news:


Severe thunderstorm warnings were issued Thursday afternoon during the Chicago area’s first big rain in several days.

Golf ball-size hail was spotted in Bolingbrook around 3 p.m., and 60 mph wind gusts were reported. The National Weather Service warned of hail damage to vehicles and wind damage to roofs and trees.

chicago hail sept 11 2013


Read about weather modification via frequency here:


Here are past confirmation reports on previous pulse events:


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