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32nd Photo down on “Day Translations” Site! Remember that Grampy speaks Fluent Spanish! Published on May 13th 2010, scroll down a bit:… Extreme Close-UP…

This was published on12/18/2012 – The poster Obviously, knew that the man in the pic is Eugene. Hover your mouse over the pic and you will see, that they obtained the pic from the FEMA reference site!…

Cnet story… Leon Panetta’s statements…

Take a look at what Forbes published June 15th of 2012 Anonymous would NEVER attack U.S. targets that would cause injury or death to the American citizens. You are being conditioned to believe that Garbage! That is is exactly what that is, pure Garbage!

Anonymous M.O. for years is to PROTECT freedom of speech and use of the internet and it’s information for all users. NOT to impede and or cause physical harm or death to citizens.

It is obvious to me that this was a Cyber Flag, meant to condition the masses!


Gene Rosen: Patsy or Perp?

Posted on January 18

gene rosen hoax

Gene Rosen meets Lt. Gov. MTreadwell in Alaska (6/2011)

Is Gene Rosen a patsy or a perp?

Rosen just happened to be visiting Fairbanks Alaska in June 2011 and ran into Alaska’s Lt Governor Mead Treadwell at a picnic – Treadwell attended Sandy Hook Elementary! What are the odds of that?

Treadwell Park is where the news media converged in Newtown – it’s named after the Yale grad’s late father. Mead is considering a run for the U.S. Senate in 2014.

Some have claimed that Rosen is not a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild – however Rosen admitted on his dog walking site that he is involved in community theatre and television production. He even received a mention on the cable co’s public affairs website.

In fact, Rosen posted at “videomartyr” blog in 2011 a story that alleges he was making a demo tape at the studio of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting on September 11, 2001.

A news article (now scrubbed) says this about Rosen:

Initially, that meant show business. One of his first jobs was as host of “Center Stage,” a 30-minute Charter Cable program that focused on regional and local theater.

That led to what he described as his “15 minutes of fame” in a Brookfield Theater production of “The Fantasticks.”

A search for mention of that play leads to this:

If there is an element in the show that seems to have faded – perhaps comedy does have time limits – it’s the routines of Henry, the old actor (Gene Rosen), and his second banana, Mortimer (David Tuttle). The guys are funny but the humor now seems lame.

Proof! ‘Gene Rosen is an actor.’

gene rosen hoax

The news media presented Gene Rosen to the world as just a retired “psychologist,” pet-sitter, and good Samaritan.  But when Rosen was accused of being a crisis actor – and the news media went into attack mode against the sceptics while continuing to hide his involvement with acting, television production, and broadcasting.

What a despicable farce! Sodomite CIA intern Anderson Cooper should be locked up for fraud.

One of videomartyr’s links is to Flag Pole Radio Cafe, a community theatre in Newtown affiliated with two Sandy Hook parents. Flag Pole Cafe states that, “Rebroadcasts of the show are carried on WPKN radio and Charter Community Vision 21” – i.e., the same cable station Gene is affiliated with.

(Curiously, Rosen claims to belong to “Flagpole Photography Club”??)

Francine and David Wheeler are actors at Flag Pole Radio Cafe – they allege that their son Benjamin died in the shooting. Francine Wheeler is also a member of a psychedelic “Dream Jam Band” that is aimed at children – their famous producer is Rick Chertoff. (Whether he is related to the other Chertoffs is unknown.) (By the way, another known performer parent in this farce is Mark Barden.)

They Newtown’s “Flag Pole Radi0 Cafe” is run by Flag Pole Productions LLC  which is owned by Martin Blanco and Barbara Gaines.

When Martin Blanco was quoted by USA Today as viciously attacking the NRA they hid his true work and described him as a “stay at home dad.” The context of the article implies he was part of a spontaneous “grass roots” anti-gun group that formed in Newtown after the alleged “tragedy.”

Who ever Eugene Rosen is, he sure loves being in the newspaper.

Here’s Eugene:

Here’s Eugene quoted in the paper again:

Here’s Eugene quoted in the paper again:

Here’s Eugene quoted in the paper again:

And again:

And even here:

And here again:’s+Job+Reinstated

And here:!i=928752491&k=3cMGqfp

How many times have you been in the local paper? This guy shows up every other month!

Obviously Sandy Hook is a hoax (the early RIP websites are enough to prove it), but one has to wonder why this idiot Gene Rosen was ever chosen to play a part in it.

Perhaps this clown was chosen to be a patsy – “suicided” later so that “truthers” could be blamed – and then draconian restrictions placed on making “hurtful” “speculation” that contradicts the official story carried in the main stream media.

Patsy or perp? Either way, a liar and a dupe.
gene rosen sandy hook hoax1

We have a new aerial shot of Eugene Rosen’s house:


In case you’ve forgotten, this is what it looked like at the fire station within minutes of the 911 call being received.

Eugene Rosen’s house is directly to the right of this picture.



– – – –

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NEWTOWN — At a time when corporations and big box stores are the kings of shopping, some entrepreneurs are challenging them by going smaller and offering more personalized service.

Such challengers include pharmacists Sirisha Mallidi, Naveen Parupalli and Syed Rahmathullah Qadri, who opened Newtown Pharmacy & Surgicals, at 20 Church Hill Road, in March.

The pharmacists, with some 30 years of experience behind them, had become disenchanted with the quality of professionalism and service in larger drugstores.

According to Mallidi, they aim “to bring back the old-school charm and integrity to the pharmacy profession” by combining “a complete state-of-the-art setup and an unparalleled customer care approach.”

While taking the time to get to know their customers, they fill prescriptions, hold flu clinics, and if asked offer free counseling on topics like medicinal therapy and management.

Cosmetics, vitamins, surgical supplies, items for baby and adult care, herbal supplements, school supplies, shampoos, and seasonal and ethnic products are carried.

“You name it and we have it, only at a better price,” said Mallidi, who with Parupalli and Qadri also operates Candlewood Drugs and Surgical Supplies in New Fairfield.

But their stores offer more than competitive pricing, free delivery within a 15-mile radius and one-stop shopping, she noted.

“We take special pride in serving the elderly and have been successfully taking care of assisted living facilities and nursing homes,” Mallidi said.

Is their approach working?

“Yes,” said Newtown customer Gene Rosen. “It’s a locally owned business. They’re qualified pharmacists. They’re willing to take the time to have a useful and informative conversation with you about your medicinal needs.

“And,” he added, “they’re terrific people to deal with. I’ve had very good care there.”

Newtown Pharmacy & Surgicals is at 20 Church Hill Road, Newtown. Weekday hours are 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturdays the store is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It’s closed Sundays
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2 thoughts on “Eugene FEMA Representative -NO ESCAPE :)

  1. Seeing the video of Eugene (“Gene”) Rosen act like he was emotionally disturbed over the Sandy Hook (supposed) shooting “massacre” made me open my mind to the possibility of a grand federal government and media scam. [It was poor acting] Since then, I’ve authored 4 web articles questioning this supposed and reported shooting. My latest, if anyone cares to access, is:

    Alleged Sandy Hook Shooting Massacre: Pictures with captions depict the hoax

    Furthermore, may I submit that the real “truthers” and “carnival barkers” are the government and media co-conspirators of silence (of reality) who perpetrate and engineer these drills and pawn them off as some type of everyday reality!

    Finally, I am not saying that any shooting did not take place; but, I am saying that “it” did not occur as the government and media would have Americans, believe.

    “A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.” [Nathan M. Bickel]

    32nd Photo down on “Day Translations” Site! Remember that Grampy speaks Fluent Spanish! Published on May 13th 2010, scroll down a bit:… Extreme Close-UP

    This was published on12/18/2012 – The poster Obviously, knew that the man in the pic is Eugene. Hover your mouse over the pic and you will see, that they obtained the pic from the FEMA reference site!

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