8/7/2012 — HAARP ring / Circle Sweep forecast (2am Aug 7, 2012) = Central South Texas – Tat's Revolution 👍

8/7/2012 — HAARP ring / Circle Sweep forecast (2am Aug 7, 2012) = Central South Texas


Confirmation Update #1:ย  250pm CDT August 8, 2012:

Texas (central to south texas) is under hail, damaging winds, and strong cell thunderstorms.. Also the yellow boxes indicate NWS warnings for Severe Thunderstorms… notice the areas in between all three HAARP rings from 2 days ago are being hit today …. Houston, Dallas, and moving south towards Austin/San Antonio .

Confirmation Update #2: August 8, 2012 305pm CDT:

Hail enters directly into / over Houston Texas:

Confirmation Update #3: August 10, 2012 620pm CDT:

Severe thunderstorm warnings, watches, and alerts issued for San Antonio, Houston… hail and damaging winds detected




2am CDT 8/7/2012:ย  watch Texas for the next 24-48 hours still — so far (today august 7 2012) we have seen hail, and damaging winds form in north Texas / Oklahoma.. heading southeast in the general direction of Austin / San Antonio / Houston.

here is a general description of what I think is occurring frequency-wise (to cause these storms to be drawn toward each epicenter):


here are several past forecast examples and followups on confirmations:


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