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21,229 HACKING attempts over 5 days on my site

U.S. Navy to Ramp Up Pacific Presence to Deter China

CAN YOU SEE THE PROPAGANDA UNFOLDING THROUGH YOUR OWN EYES! The United States moved to reassure its jittery allies in the Asia-Pacific that it has enough firepower to maintain stability in the region that has seen increased Chinese muscle-flexing in recent years. Admiral Scott Swift, the commander of the US Pacific Fleet, said that the

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ATTENTION: IS THERE A SERIAL KILLER OPERATING IN THE MIDWEST AND PARTS OF THE SOUTH AT THIS TIME. WOMEN TRAVELING ALONE IN NIGHT SHOULD BE ALERT TO THEIR SURROUNDINGS AT ALL TIMES. All victims has flat tires and their personal items were left in the vehicle. Tennessee 2011 Indianapolis June 2015 Kentucky July

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Hundreds of Confederate flags will be on parade 7/18/2015 Saturday afternoon in Clay County.

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. — Hundreds of Confederate flags will be on parade Saturday afternoon in Clay County. The Southern Heritage Confederate Flag Rally will begin in Middleburg. Close to 300 people are expected to fly the Confederate flag on their vehicle. THE LIVE EVENT WATCH THIS VIDEO: Event organizers say this is in direct response

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Yellowstone Road Melts — New “geothermal feature” causes road deformations

A well used road at the Yellowstone National Park supervolcano is melting due to a new “geothermal feature” forming below ground. (thanks to Justin Walter for sharing the story) Rangers at Yellowstone National Park have temporarily closed Upper Terrace Drive near Mammoth Hot Springs to vehicles due to a new thermal feature that is affecting

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PLUTO: Today We Will Reach the ‘Dwarf Planet’ for the First Time In History

When it comes to landmark achievements in space exploration, tomorrow — July 14 — will be a date for the history books as the day humanity reached Pluto for the first time. If everything goes according to plan, a NASA spacecraft, called New Horizons, will fly by Pluto at 7:49 am ET. New Horizons is

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Banned in America: Proof of Fake Moonlanding


CERN sees the “Pentaquark” for the first time

CERN: This playlist is automatically sorted by popularity. July 16, 2015 Scientists at the LHC (large hadron collider) / CERN have made a new discovery.  They have observed a rare particle combination (called a “pentaquark”) for the first time. First.. the actual diagram from CERN .. (left is the assembled 3D “pentaquark” taking the

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CRAZY VIDEO: Cops At Border Kill Trucker As He Tries To Run Over Officers With His Rig

TEXAS —  Del Rio and Val VerdePolice were investigating an officer-involved deadly shooting in Del Rio Tuesday. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO The suspect, reportedly caused a disturbance in a nearby location, threatening individuals with a machete, before attempting to run over several officers with his 18-wheeler. Other details of the story, including the reported machete incident,

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Cops killed man at Walmart, then interrogated girlfriend

(CNN) — After killing a man at an Ohio Walmart, police interrogated his girlfriend, accusing her of lying, threatening her with jail time and suggesting she could be on drugs, according to a video posted on The Guardian’s website. The man, John Crawford III, was holding an air rifle he had picked up off a

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Family Calls 911,Cops Show Up And Kill Him -Seventeen-year-old Christian Alberto Sierra

In yet another instance of police making a bad situation infinitely worse, a Virginia family was left reeling when an officer shot their son to death despite being called to out to help stop the boy killing himself. Seventeen-year-old Christian Alberto Sierra was suffering from depression which led to a full scale breakdown and attempted

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NWO Underground Tesla Global Energy Lab

Screenshot from one of the “New Earth Project’s” videos. Do you see the earth, the eye, and the USA? *FOR FULL INFORMATION, PLEASE WATCH MY VIDEO AS WELL AS THE VIDEO INCLUDED FROM THEIR WEBSITE! Enter the Matrix at your own risk—This is a reality—this is happening—this is right now! “We are not trying, we

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Cop Shoots Dead 19-Year-Old Girl In Raid On House Party (Video)

THERE IS NO WORDS TO EXPRESS WHAT I FELL ABOLISH THE ACT OF 1871 The District of Columbia ACT of 1871 Copy this below and share it with EVERYONE you know! 9,597 views   ====================== NEW STORY 4/14/2014 Animals Leaving Yellowstone? 4.7M & 4.9M (5.0M) Earthquake strikes the Western Yellowstone posted on April 6, 2014

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Cop Responding to Burglary Kills Victim’s Dog

A Rains Co., Texas deputy sheriff recently responded to a burglary by reportedly killing the victim’s dog. The owner of the dog, Cole Middleton, called police after realizing that someone broke into his home and stole several valuable items including firearms. Two-and-a-half hours later, a deputy sheriff arrived at Middleton’s residence and shot his blue

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read more: ====================== ABOLISH THE ACT OF 1871   The District of Columbia ACT of 1871 Copy this below and share it with EVERYONE you know! 9,597 views NEW STORY 4/14/2014 Animals Leaving Yellowstone? 4.7M & 4.9M (5.0M) Earthquake strikes the Western Yellowstone posted on April 6, 2014 3/30/2014 Yellowstone Magma Chamber Animals Leaving Yellowstone?

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